Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lounge Lizard

The sun is finally spreading its warm rays out and about more frequently and with much greater intensity...Thus I have turned into a bit of a lounge lizard...baking in the sun trying to recuperate enough energy lost during the cold of night to move.

I'm not sure if a lizard or a slug is more appropriate...I guess before the sun came out I've felt like a SLUG for the most of winter...or even a's been so cold dark and damp!

Today I felt great satisfaction with being able to HARVEST the fresh fruits of my labours!!! Who can ever eat second rate produce from supermarkets ever again...

Apart from that I REALLY like OLD people. They are just so understanding, wise, calm, stable, reliable...only downside is they wake up WAAAAY too early.

I got a really exciting idea yesterday...but couldn't keep it to myself so blabbed it to my birthday twin...She gave me the A-okay. Actually surprisingly, my mother actually approves too...if it happens you will slowly see it creep into the's really very DRASTIC especially knowing me...

But anyway I like to keep some things *secret* cos everyone else keeps them from me! :P That was for you...V-Z! :p


Franko Gnedo said...

Did you wake up with an old person this morning?

Nice that you getting some sun but that could change soon. over here we have been having storms for a few days so they will probably reach you soon.

HappyOrganist said...

You're going to be a shoemaker =D