Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay so when a German tells me so I listen, lol


So anyway my German gf who I highly admire and respect told me to be a certain way. Somehow when a German tells me so I listen and obey,'s hypnotoad on Futurama all over again!

So from that what to conclude? Humans are a completely irrational species!!! But then again there are those that attribute it to gender...LOL

An aside, I was told that with how to get on with the opposite genders it goes like this...for males a female puts in 50% listening and 50% understanding. With females males need 100% listening and 0% understanding. Obviously a Male told me that! *eye roll*

I feel wrung out with too much social interaction and being pulled in so many directions-not like I can retain my structural energetic integrity easily when I feel like lots of vultures all grabbing at me...I think introverted hermits were not made for this...I've scheduled in serious CAVE TIME for recovery next week, however the next month is a bit hectic!! (But also possibly exciting...)

p.s for the record while I'm being irrationally(?) prejudiced can I just put on the record...I. ABSOLUTELY. CANNOT. STAND. LEO. MEN. I guess that is probably why I have drawn them my entire life probably in about an 80% to other ratio!!!!! see...there is some rationality to my rant!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily Debrief

Okay, when patterns keep repeating that means it's time for CHANGE. A change of mindset cos at the end of the day what is the limiting factor? One's Mind 80% of the time, probably...

I'm not exactly sure HOW I want things to change exactly just that I want the same old patterns to stop repeating...also I'm in the mood...for an be a bit...daring. LOL

Apart from that my debrief from today includes "PINK CLAY, you and I are mortal enemies forever!!!" Never ever get into a fight with pink clay...wherever you want to use pink clay make sure it is a surface you don't care to be pink forever and don't care to clean or if people see that it is not a white sparkling

Also...WHY do I keep getting my friend's sore throats- do germs really travel VIRTUALLY hours and hours away?? It sucks being an empath, lol

And...I was excited to rake leaves for one of the very few times in my life today...I LOVE the smell...those dried up rustly leaves are so fragrant...not to mention the smell of spring...a gorgeous scent I wish I could bottle...have no idea but maybe it's a mix of frangipanis, jasmine and roses...with the sun...and maybe even some estuary breeze thrown

Basically nothing particularly exciting on my front but just very's gearing up to be a social week which means I am accountable for the state of my house and that it is sooooo much hard yakka...needing a strategy-at the moment it's been my trademark chaotic genius- move about randomly and do bits and pieces as I the time ticks down to grand inspection(lol) I feel I have to move to a more systematic strategy...perhaps a room by room debrief much like a video game...Room Completed (Check!)

Enough babbling...hope your week is unfurling well...


Monday, August 29, 2011

Just be You.

I don't know why there is such a need to define all the time with me...maybe it is my INTJ which loves all the labelling and neat categorization and compartmentalization think...SHELDON from Big Bang! :D

Anyway my city slicker friends call me country bumpkin but then I know REAL country bumpkins that like talking about cows all day ;) (That ain't me...LOL)

Also even my music taste...lately I've been indulging my taste for the electro sound listening to the unique experimental style of one of my music heroes MARTIN DOSH and the electropop of CUT COPY....hardly country bumpkin fare, more like the teenybopsters of any major metro city!!

So yeah I need to learn how to accept being neither full black nor white and just live with the speckled egg of white black and grey that is ALL me as well as the yellow-white banana thing I have happening, lol...innate complexity is a good thing...just cos most people don't seem to have's okay to be a super minority...would be nice to live in a country and culture where more INs existed though...and to be understood by a majority rather than a very teeny tiny rare spark of genius, lol...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Miss You.

Isn't it weird how sometimes your dreams are so...real? I had a dream of someone I met a few years ago...totally random! It's interesting though how some meetings are so fleeting and transient yet so meaningful, affecting and deeply engraved in one's memory?

The problem for me has always been one of distance and geography and heading in different of these days I might get lucky, lol.

But in the meantime I have to make the best of being stuck in Neanderthal country, where at least in my neck of the woods there are plenty of nice old people at least, lol :)

I miss feeling such admiration and respect and comfort and draw though....meeting of minds...blah blah

Friday, August 26, 2011

I hate long hair

Fast approaching the date for a chop, I was walking with a bounce in my step, when I realised that bounce could very well have actually been coming not from my feet but from my pony tail! And then I realised I actually feel a little conflicted about going for a chop cos I'll lose the ponytail! I don't know but I guess I like the whole swing-swing thing of the gives you the illusion of being forever young, or at least not out of touch with the child in you...since it still feels the same LOL!

Maybe it was a day of Childhood Regression. I had a 'brilliant' idea...not being able to source lucerne for my potted food plants except in 100L bags quite a distance away, it occurred to me that my guinea pig ATE the I decided to check my local pet store...being SPRING there were so many cute babies! I had to almost bite my tongue to not want to pick up the 10week old cocoa chocolate cavy and run...I don't know why but I figure my attraction to CUTE FURRY things must be like a distorted form of maternal instinct gone wrong...hahah cos seriously I don't feel the same about actual human babies...I can very very easily say BYE and leave them very happily without a sad thought...I guess in a way it must be calculated...I like cute furry things that aren't smart enough to talk or argue back, lol...and that can be left in a cage for a few hours without people screaming child abuse!

Yes there's always a logical explanation...and perhaps like Sheldon in BIG BANG, it is purely intellectual-mental for takes a cute furry baby animal to pull my heart strings rather than a baby unacceptable and frowned upon in normal society that must be...for a female of my age!

Apart from that I'm really enjoying watching HAMISH AND's so hilarious I have to say it's an effort to not laugh so hard I'm drooling on the floor...seriously!

And my mate M is EXACTLY like an asian Hamish, in look, demeanour and schoolboyish prankster-ness...that makes it even more funny. And big thumbs up to long suffering ANDY lol...I don't think I've ever seen a better sport of a person!! I have no idea how he can refrain from giving Hamish a good ol *Splat* sometimes, gotta watch it M...your evil twin is right here in Oz!!!

Apart from that listening to my amazing DOSH how talented is the dude...not only is the music inspiring & mesmerizing that turns me into a hypnotised productive worker bee but the album art just hits all the sweet spots! Will have to post a pic one day...maybe on the songblog. Anyway gotta run busy busy...soooo tired.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Late Bloomer

I wonder at what age people really know what they want. I think I want a lot of things...and ALL of them! However it only just hits me(ie I finally only got realistic, lol) that true to my multilevelled multidimensional multifaceted complexity having ALL those things simultaneously is not possible! I wonder at what age I reach for a compromise...

I guess when you have this dilemma it is not a solvable one that you should even bother wasting thinking energy on. I'm just going with whatever path God opens up for me especially since all the plans I make never ever seem to work out...but seriously considering all my different interests and pulls in all different directions it sure is going to be an interesting one and a real surprise...I guess I never was very good at prioritising or making outright choices, lol. So lucky I can choose God and his path and choices for me...thank God at least one thing is straightforward and solved!!!

It's been just over a year my whole life changed and got turned upside down. Strangely amidst the chaos I'd have to say I'm pretty contented with how "life" is...perhaps I'm only just discovering what "life" is!!! :D

Freakazoids draw each other...obviously! LOL

hehe as you might have predicted, I do have and HAVE had some pretty *interesting* friends...okay, weirdo associations in my life to date ;) blogger friend HO sure seems to be vying for that top position LOL!...I mean who the hell sends chewing gum to someone who obviously doesn't eat it JUST so they can put it in a cup in the kitchen cupboard for it's wonderful the whole world loves chewing gum smell "pot purri" effect?

SHEESH, some people are weirdos! LOL

I also got the cd, which I'm rather enjoying thanks. I had a lil something to
"right back at ya" but I figured I'd play it safe and get a proper customs declaration on it considering how US Post seems to classify all from me here as "of terrorist origin" and feel a need to intercept and open it to shreds...hmph...good cover for being bored out of your brain nosy curious parkers...grrrr!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time Poor, Time Rich

I'm just wondering, if in the entire history of the world, whether people ever found themselves idle with not a whole lot to do....we keep attributing it to modern society, but actually when you think that people used to have to collect their own food, start fires, gather water, cook etc etc, I doubt it!! Except for Royalty perhaps. I think when you are a kid with such a luxury of plenty of idle time, it is parental responsibility to give you advance warning to make the most of it cos such utopian situations do not last...once you're not a kid and no longer living with someone else to do stuff for you...there just IS no time left in the wonder people make such crap friends...the individual barely can find enough time for themselves!

Next time if I feel bored I need to go just check out my massively long TO DO list which I can never get on top of! However when you're just completely ZONKED you just have to cede and throw away your TO DO list for another day...

Damn plant babies ;) I think I got so greedy and belly fuelled I didn't realise how many different edibles I am actually producing!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A super healthy....serendipity!

So anyway I had the weirdest ingredients available for dinner the other night and had to concoct something....was surprisingly TASTY and HEALTHY but looked so healthy it looked unappetizing...

so it was a nice surprise (SerEnDiPitY!!!)

I had soaked unhulled birdseed(first time ever used this before).

I had soaked and slightly sprouted green Canadian lentils.

I had organic brown rice miso.

So chopped a bit of cauliflower and fried off some garlic in extra virgin olive oil and mushed it all around...had some with rice too...YUMMY!!! wow...always impressed when I am able to not only cook vegetarian but VEGAN! and be full...

Then today with the left overs I fried an egg some chopped carrot and added it with water to some udon noodles and a bit of sesame oil and tamari...YUMMY too!

This mush stuff is winner. I'll be sure to keep some in the fridge next time you visit...and see what other 101 dishes I can make out of it...

Cheers to super duper healthy eating :) and minimal cooking times and input effort :D

please share if you have any super healthy vegan/vegetarian winners.

Zzzzzzzzz...(side effect of overindulging in my Dried organic Uzbekistani white mulberry addiction...sugar crash!)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not a Popularity Contest!

LOL, good thing I have a lot of miles in the unpopularity stakes...I guess that's what happens when you get stuck in a lot of circumstances against your will&thus enjoyment...crappy high school...crappy ALL GIRLS and hence petty bitchy environment high school etc etc. Being BRUTALLY honest in a country and culture that likes to hide behind superficial niceties also doesn't add to your likeability stakes...lucky it doesn't bother me as much as it perhaps should?

So anyway I've found since I got faith so drastically there is a chasm with unbelievers and even unbelieving believers! There's a lot that one either intuitively understands inherently via the Spirit or doesn't...I guess it's a good thing I'm a seasoned loner and I enjoy my own time and space....but yeah that being able to LOVE the average person deficiency I have weighs on my conscience, lol...I offer it up to you God :) Strangely enough the passage I got offered at the nunnery on the first day of this year was about making a heart of flesh out of a heart of stone, hehehe

I like cool interesting good nice people interesting good nice people are easy to like...just they are SO SO RARE TO FIND in this hemisphere and time period feels like, lol!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I dreamt I had a Hairy Chest...

And had to Shave it!!! BEAT that for a dream HO, lol...not as nightmarish as I would have thought but icky feel...

Obviously deep down somewhere someone still has latent Man Wannabe issues...LOL!

Have a good weekend...hope you're still laughing!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Going Crazy with the Full Moons

That's IT. I am now keeping track of the moon cycle with a moon then I can just dig a hole and hide in it until the weird crazy energy has passed...

No idea why I feel them so so intensely these days...maybe it's all the earthquake disturbances or something.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Full Blown Yupster

I have TOTALLY graduated to full blown Yupster...

I've finally been compelled to go even more completely chemical free even starting to migrate to completely plant based dishwashing detergent etc(and actually really really appreciating the difference(!)

But the thing that REALLY drums it in is when you start snacking on Organic Uzbekistani Dried White Mulberries and develop an addiction to such luxuries...

and feeling that the cost of such boutique snacks and designer cleaning liquids are costs that are justified and well spent!

In a couple of years it won't be surprising if my expensive yuppie lifestyle habits cause me to have to end up shacking up in a caravan... :P

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Franco-Sino Day and Racial Tensions

Okay cos of my vicious cycle of wet hair late at night this blog gets graced with a post about the trivial minutiae of my day :P

My Sweet Tooth always gets a good work out when I'm in the city...hit the patisseries!!

Diversion 1 was an artisan pink metallic powder dusted pistacchio macaron with white chocolate ganache and sour cherries. So-so not bad but not amazing, did not superseded expectations or the best macaron I have tasted.

Diversion 2 was inspired by having recently eaten my first Krispy Kreme thing. I was just comparing so I got a French patisserie chocolate custard filled was pretty good...

Yikes, no wonder I now have a sore regrets though!

Latter half of the day I indulged some asian flavours...seaweed and spicy tofu ramen in pork stock soup...then a classic pearl milk tea(but damn I should have got the premium for 20c more it's worth it!)

anyway aaaaah...happy belly!

Apart from that forgot what DRAMA is inherent in city living....first my train had to get replaced due to VANDALISM and smashed windows- yes society is going down the drain...

then a humungous bitch fight broke out when one lady sprayed some tea tree thing and another lady tried to tell her to not spray it in an enclosed got rather heated and some threats of fisty cuffs ensued! I was trying not to listen but also trying to work out who I sided with past thinking adult women are so bitchy and belligerent and petty...and why must I live among such unevolved people? BUt then my loyalties got seriously tested when the whitey started making racist insinuations towards the black haired lady, which were really quite irrelevant to the initial teatree one point the scale was tipping in favour of my asian roots and I had to seriously bite my lip to not embroil in an intervention with my perfectly anunciated and perfectly grammatically correct English sentences despite my black hair- oh wow! :p

Basically the 2c i really wanted to add but refrained was that white people here are MIGRANTS and INVADERS too- why are "Aussies" always so quick to forget the true original owners of the land and the way their land, culture and people were STOLEN?

So yeah I had to express my 2c here...Grrrr!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Okay so I need 27 acres...

That is how much land you need in order to not be able to see any neighbours apparently!!! 11 HECTARES. Yikes.

Sheesh what a huge ask to get a bit of quiet and privacy...I wouldn't even know how to maintain that much land...

But in the meantime I guess I need to start entering lotto, lol...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chanting to Open the Chakras

My Brit friend went all hippie (a page out of my book at the same age) while she was in New Zealand...she started doing chanting exercises everyday- I just found some to try and open blocked chakras...this chanting business is actually quite fun!

My other fun-ness for the night was watching HAMISH AND ANDY'S GAP YEAR...hilarious! This is the most funny show I have ever seen come out of Australia just about-perhaps this country's one saving grace regarding males of my generation! Definitely worth watching...two out of two episodes I watched I actually laughed so hard I almost spat on the that's gotta be funny! *LOL*

Okay, enough, this farmer is tired. Time for bed.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

German correctness...

I love it! LOL

Didn't I always say I am German first and foremost? LOL a whole nation of INTJ-esques I wonder the German culture makes me as excited as a kid in a candy store.

Where as here...brutish society that it is...complete strangers try to maul you with a space invading kiss somehow without the tact or finesse of the French, so it's even more offensive to my INTJ-ness...

Did I say I LOOOOOVE Germans!! (okay except for the Nazi ones...)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am being "Led"! ;)

Some strange things have happened this week- some rather out of the it's MY life what's new? hehehe

Without revealing too much as it's all too complex and blow-my-mindy some kinda interesting random things.

Today I was asked to be a penpal to a born again Christian prisoner...being so new myself I haven't decided yet...mainly I feel hopelessly underqualified- surely there is some seasoned oldie of faith that would be more up to the task? But then again it would be a great exercise in being accepting and non-judgemental, although to be perfectly honest I am more compassionate and tolerant towards the downtrodden of society than the self sufficient that have had very smooth paths...

I was approached by a psychologist who is into personality disorders, lol, it was interesting to read about the broader spectrum of these past depression and bipolar which is all I really have encountered in common society personally and professionally. I was kinda amused to identify with the "schizoid" type...note NOT then I was thinking "hey cool maybe I finally get a "label"? (not!) But then I read further and just realised that this "disorder" typically resonates with INTJ and INTP personality types....I'm sure I could find something else to fit into but then again so could everyone else...after my experience treating people with ill health I am not particularly into the "labels" cos I realised that EVERYBODY has different psychological issues at different times in their life and different circumstances and it's all across a severity spectrum...I also noticed that the modern world has a term for every single possible conceivable latest interesting discovery is the "lightning strike" one which is Wolff Parkinsons White syndrome...very very an exciting inadvertent comedy of errors I had approximately 30-60 mini "electrocutions" during the severe electrical storm the other nervous system was so overstimulated I could not sleep a wink! Yikes...never again, lol...

Anyway so many interesting weird things happened in a mere two days or so so far...such is my life...I can't even begin to document or hope to explain it all unless someone has a very open ear and at least a couple of HOURS, lol...

But because it's always so complex and cumulative I just have my one person that I earbash so I don't have to catch them up on the prior day's episode. My current "bestie" is a farmer, between watching the farmers on THE AMAZING RACE and talking to this one, I start to realise they are actually an INCREDIBLY SMART BUNCH especially when it comes to having to deal with REAL LIFE. I don't understand why the general perception in this society is that they are like the not so mentally quick animals they are often associated with...I have found nothing to be further than the truth...I guess that is ONE office worker city slicker MYTH debunked!!

Hm I feel chatty today- so a heads up on the state of my food production- I have heaps of lettuce beet and radish seedlings sprouting up to the extent I have no idea where I will be able to plant them all!!! I am actually very interested in PERMACULTURE and am wondering if it is feasible if I can take a course...I'm particularly envious of people who have egg laying chickens...then I saw some cute little quails who also produce eggs...actually I also saw a baby goat and it was SERIOUSLY CUTIE the farmer quipped "SEE, you do want *KIDS* after all!" LOL

Have to admit that was a good one, lol.

p.s I am getting very fond of "the plumber" and "the handyman" too...heck all men in their forties and up are my natural best friends hehehe...but anyway I think it's funny that nobody ever has a name with this INTJ, everyone just has a profession or a character...I am still wondering what I can call JJ ;) I was thinking something beginning with D and ending with K but I don't think that's very nice!!! Maybe "the limerick guy" ;) Or how about "the old boy" lol

as for my other buddies "the animal rights vegan" "the happy organist" "the mexican poetic artist" "the swede-o-phile", lol...oh how can i forget "the beer gut" "the starry eyed surfer" "the shy mute"...yes I have a colourful range of buddies...the one thing none of my buddies can ever be are...BORING!!!! Hope I didn't miss anyone...but my head is starting to thump :P

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Vegetarian Repertoire...

Okay so it's still kinda not very existent and I have been too lazy/busy to look up recipes(plus I hate being limited by having to follow instructions)...but on the upside these two veggie snacks I'm liking lately are also vegan!

So yeah no1 is Nori rolls with any kind of vegetable or not even...but filling them with cooked mixed rice! So ie white rice, brown rice mix with fun inclusions like a few jobs tears barley, chia seeds, aduki beans and mung beans.

no2 is oat sourdough toast with shredded carrot that has been mixed with flaxseed oil, lemon juice and finely chopped garlic with some kind of protein either ground flaxseeds or chia seeds I guess...

Okay I guess that is sad to the seasoned vegetarian/vegan/person with diet limitations, but I like them, they are SUPER HEALTHY and tasty, easy and quick...

So anyway I'm tired now...goodnight ;) I think yesterday is going to take a few days of liver's still working off all that amazing CHOCOLATE! haha so much happened I didn't even remember until I FELT!

I had one of the most amazing, exciting, fortunate days today!!!!

It was amazing...THANKS GOD :)

I can't even elaborate so much happened and was so complex and kinda a little so amazing it was a bit mind blowing...or at least uncomprehendable.

FEEL GOOD - wonder if I will still feel this amazing when I wake up tomorrow...but seriously THANKS GOD it's almost like 20 christmases came at would have to be in my TOP 3-5 things of amazingness that ever happened in my life....maybe tomorrow it might fall down the ranks but still...definitely makes the TOP TEN ever ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^!!!

The looong day started at 8am and ends now....almost was A GREAT DAY :D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now I remember why I majored in Spanish...

BOY do I love all Spanish speaking and influenced cultures...they are honestly some of the best people I ever met...warm, GENUINE, REAL, AUTHENTIC, depth...sincerity...

Yup, if I could choose any culture to be I'd probably choose something in the Latin/South America region...they have the looks, the food, the music, the rich and colourful culture...not to mention an amazing respect for women!

Not sure what is going on but maybe my stark monocultured environment is getting to me...either that or I'm starting to appreciate my asian roots...

I think though that my character would be a trifecta of three cultures: the European(most like Germany), the Asian(most like the Japanese) and the Spanish influenced (most like a Mexican, or maybe an Argentinian or Chilean...

Anyway apparently I need to get to Thailand...apparently that's the halfway meeting point offered by my Euro friends that don't want to come here...

I think the landscape alone is worth it...but I guess if you don't like nature and photography it's not that appealing...I would have thought it'd be interesting just to experience a completely different culture...but then I guess we're not THAT exciting compared to other parts of the world with more colourful cultures and much older histories&cultures that still prevail today.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I get misunderstood and misinterpreted ALOT in this's really very annoying. I can't understand why...all I can guess is that the culture does not suit me. For one, it's not kind to introverts, it's got a Tall Poppy syndrome hangup and the culture is that women are totally treated like objects. Some people are just in the wrong hemisphere I guess, let alone born in the wrong generation...

Which I guess is why all my friends escaped and keep escaping since 10 years places where achievers get encouraged rather than cut down and culture is more than sport worship, beaches, Barbies and beer.

But the land and the countryside is great- maybe not quite as nice as New Zealand but at least not prone to devastating earthquakes...I'm not going to throw in my citizenship yet just cos I prefer Northern hemisphere society...JJ am I seeing it through rose coloured glasses? I'm curious if you came here what you'd think...I think people similar to me never like it...which is why they always leave...

I googled to see if anyone else shared my experience and found an interesting entry from a female living in New Zealand who also identified as "more european than locally cultured"...apparently the only to solution is to RELOCATE...that or to import Euros ;)

Only problem is I never met a Euro of the introverted vein (ie like me) that wanted to live here ...I guess you will naturally gravitate to cultures which are more in line with your own personality...I am way way out of my comfort zone then...except I do like the local Oldies, oh and Tradies are fun to talk to :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Born Again...

Someone asked me what kind of Christian am I? I never understood why people seem to be so obsessed about anyway in order to answer the question I had to look up what the terms meant...I found out I'm a BORN AGAIN, lol. I included the link cos I thought it was a good explanation.

So anyway the other thing I noticed is hailing from an all girls school I used to think I was "not your average girl" I"m starting to think I'm "not the average person"...not sure why people in general are so interested in other people's business and gossiping etc...I like to talk about IDEAS but I noticed most people just like to talk about other people....I don't get it, what could be more boring?? lol! Maybe it's cos of my INTJ-ness and lack of social bone in my body, loner disposition and lack of connection to most human beings...if I think about it with my own logical rational mind, the fact I am so disinterested is kinda I actually an alien? LOL

Recently I had quite a few long lost associates assume my drastic change of lifestyle must come with a guy that finally appeals to me enough that I have shacked up with them....


Which brings me to the fact that God is so cool and so REAL and so wholely fulfilling. I think the secret behind all the huge changes..well unbelievers just never get it!!! Which I think is a huge disadvantage to be one cos the one thing I seem to notice is they seem to think they need other people to fill the voids in their life...the answer for all holes that need patching is right there for the taking...the answer is God :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


BMI=Body Mass Index

For as long as I can remember, without being anorexic or even light going on eating, I have always been UNDERWEIGHT or VERY UNDERWEIGHT by the Body Mass Index measurement. So I always thought it was idiotic. Anyway I am pleased to see that ASIAN countries hold different standards for what constitutes a healthy figure, considering our body types are so much less robust than Anglo people...

But I'm still UNDERWEIGHT. To get to a healthy weight even by Asian female standards I need to put on at least another 2.5kg...I only just managed to put on 1.5-2kg...for some of us...PUTTING ON WEIGHT is like hiking Mt Everest, at least with losing weight you can just do hardcore exercise...

Especially in this cold I can just SIT and lose weight! I don't mind being able to shovel my face full of food all day though...I like eating^^ but even my digestive organs feel a bit overworked having to process it have to's the weight gain going??

Being Phased Out.

Yup, more supporting evidence as has been identified by "normal" competitive human beings that I have no evolutionary drive...

LOL maybe those of us not interested in GOSSIP are obviously too busy being self-absorbed...and for whatever bizarre reason we find ourselves *more* interesting than the trivial details of celebrities and other people we couldn't care less about...LOL

Whaddya think...Robe??!! ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fingers Crossed...Z bakes!

So I opened the recipe book started for high school cooking class which frankly I haven't opened in YEARS.

Had a slightly bad feeling when most of the mixture stuck to my hands and had to be washed off...Even worse though a really niggling feeling developed that my sister (model homemaker extraordinaire-yes sisters can be NOTHING alike!) and I have different measurement abbreviations...hence that perhaps my baking creation may end up tasting like soap...For some reason at this point I could have done the sensible thing and given her a call to check...but...NEEEEH. I guess I am such a chicken shit in most matters of life that in domestic matters that are seemingly trivial to me such as cooking I like the suspense and adrenalin rush-lol- of being an experimental "daredevil", and besides I am CRAP at fitting into all sorts of rule frameworks let alone following recipe instructions to the detail. Anyway my little creations are cooling down. I will let you know if I end up with a mouth full of soap for dessert(!)

My Gardening Style...

In One Word: GREEDY



So in my part of the world, to my great relief, it seems like SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!

So I've been in a busy bee flutter trying to prepare for a Good Harvest ^^

Today I opened all my veggie seed packets and scattered them all haphazardly...In a few days I'm looking for the seedlings that have sprouted and thus onto stage three finding them a suitable long term resting place till harvest. I'm starting to realise...growing your own food=ALOT of WORK! Anyway must run...need to start my BAKING, weird has my life turned out I'm doing all those things I have always shied away from with's like those terms 'topsy turvy' and 'tohu wabohu' were MADE for me, LOL!