Friday, August 26, 2011

I hate long hair

Fast approaching the date for a chop, I was walking with a bounce in my step, when I realised that bounce could very well have actually been coming not from my feet but from my pony tail! And then I realised I actually feel a little conflicted about going for a chop cos I'll lose the ponytail! I don't know but I guess I like the whole swing-swing thing of the gives you the illusion of being forever young, or at least not out of touch with the child in you...since it still feels the same LOL!

Maybe it was a day of Childhood Regression. I had a 'brilliant' idea...not being able to source lucerne for my potted food plants except in 100L bags quite a distance away, it occurred to me that my guinea pig ATE the I decided to check my local pet store...being SPRING there were so many cute babies! I had to almost bite my tongue to not want to pick up the 10week old cocoa chocolate cavy and run...I don't know why but I figure my attraction to CUTE FURRY things must be like a distorted form of maternal instinct gone wrong...hahah cos seriously I don't feel the same about actual human babies...I can very very easily say BYE and leave them very happily without a sad thought...I guess in a way it must be calculated...I like cute furry things that aren't smart enough to talk or argue back, lol...and that can be left in a cage for a few hours without people screaming child abuse!

Yes there's always a logical explanation...and perhaps like Sheldon in BIG BANG, it is purely intellectual-mental for takes a cute furry baby animal to pull my heart strings rather than a baby unacceptable and frowned upon in normal society that must be...for a female of my age!

Apart from that I'm really enjoying watching HAMISH AND's so hilarious I have to say it's an effort to not laugh so hard I'm drooling on the floor...seriously!

And my mate M is EXACTLY like an asian Hamish, in look, demeanour and schoolboyish prankster-ness...that makes it even more funny. And big thumbs up to long suffering ANDY lol...I don't think I've ever seen a better sport of a person!! I have no idea how he can refrain from giving Hamish a good ol *Splat* sometimes, gotta watch it M...your evil twin is right here in Oz!!!

Apart from that listening to my amazing DOSH how talented is the dude...not only is the music inspiring & mesmerizing that turns me into a hypnotised productive worker bee but the album art just hits all the sweet spots! Will have to post a pic one day...maybe on the songblog. Anyway gotta run busy busy...soooo tired.


markymark2099 said...

Hope I'm not the m youre talking about

HappyOrganist said...

Ponytails are fun (I know - I used to own one). But short hair is soooo much cooler. I can't even tell you how cooler it is ^^ Enjoy chopping it off & don't look back.

I think your affinity for furries vs. humans is a self-preservation thing. hahahah
smart ^^

JJ Beazley said...

Zhen, your pony tail defines you. You are The Pony Tail. What can you be thinking of?

Zz... said...

Course you're the M I'm talking about -how many people does a hermit know? LOL

seriously dude check it out- your evil twin right down to his pants button *poPpiNG* cos of too much pizza in New next for you is to enter a body building contest and WIN it, hahahah...he was the only heavy weight to enter...hahahahah!!! hip is the farmer he taught me that hahaha...

Zz... said...

HO, as the mother of 3 human versions I take your wisdom on the "self preservation thing" lol better not overvalidate my stance(sorry can't think of a better word right now)...might get a BIG HEAD! HAHAHAH

JJ...yeah I started to realise to bloggers my ponytail has become somewhat iconic...LOL I guess if I chop it it's like an invitation to...mature adulthood lol...holding onto it is still clinging to the child in me...aiyaiyai what an existential dilemma...what is a gal to do? LOL