Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am being "Led"! ;)

Some strange things have happened this week- some rather out of the ordinary...lol it's MY life what's new? hehehe

Without revealing too much as it's all too complex and blow-my-mindy some kinda interesting random things.

Today I was asked to be a penpal to a born again Christian prisoner...being so new myself I haven't decided yet...mainly I feel hopelessly underqualified- surely there is some seasoned oldie of faith that would be more up to the task? But then again it would be a great exercise in being accepting and non-judgemental, although to be perfectly honest I am more compassionate and tolerant towards the downtrodden of society than the self sufficient that have had very smooth paths...

I was approached by a psychologist who is into personality disorders, lol, it was interesting to read about the broader spectrum of these past depression and bipolar which is all I really have encountered in common society personally and professionally. I was kinda amused to identify with the "schizoid" type...note NOT schizophrenia...so then I was thinking "hey cool maybe I finally get a "label"? (not!) But then I read further and just realised that this "disorder" typically resonates with INTJ and INTP personality types....I'm sure I could find something else to fit into but then again so could everyone else...after my experience treating people with ill health I am not particularly into the "labels" cos I realised that EVERYBODY has different psychological issues at different times in their life and different circumstances and it's all across a severity spectrum...I also noticed that the modern world has a term for every single possible conceivable illness...my latest interesting discovery is the "lightning strike" one which is Wolff Parkinsons White syndrome...very very interesting...in an exciting inadvertent comedy of errors I had approximately 30-60 mini "electrocutions" during the severe electrical storm the other night...my nervous system was so overstimulated I could not sleep a wink! Yikes...never again, lol...

Anyway so many interesting weird things happened in a mere two days or so so far...such is my life...I can't even begin to document or hope to explain it all unless someone has a very open ear and at least a couple of HOURS, lol...

But because it's always so complex and cumulative I just have my one person that I earbash so I don't have to catch them up on the prior day's episode. My current "bestie" is a farmer, between watching the farmers on THE AMAZING RACE and talking to this one, I start to realise they are actually an INCREDIBLY SMART BUNCH especially when it comes to having to deal with REAL LIFE. I don't understand why the general perception in this society is that they are like the not so mentally quick animals they are often associated with...I have found nothing to be further than the truth...I guess that is ONE office worker city slicker MYTH debunked!!

Hm I feel chatty today- so a heads up on the state of my food production- I have heaps of lettuce beet and radish seedlings sprouting up to the extent I have no idea where I will be able to plant them all!!! I am actually very interested in PERMACULTURE and am wondering if it is feasible if I can take a course...I'm particularly envious of people who have egg laying chickens...then I saw some cute little quails who also produce eggs...actually I also saw a baby goat and it was SERIOUSLY CUTIE PIE...so the farmer quipped "SEE, you do want *KIDS* after all!" LOL

Have to admit that was a good one, lol.

p.s I am getting very fond of "the plumber" and "the handyman" too...heck all men in their forties and up are my natural best friends hehehe...but anyway I think it's funny that nobody ever has a name with this INTJ, everyone just has a profession or a character...I am still wondering what I can call JJ ;) I was thinking something beginning with D and ending with K but I don't think that's very nice!!! Maybe "the limerick guy" ;) Or how about "the old boy" lol

as for my other buddies "the animal rights vegan" "the happy organist" "the mexican poetic artist" "the swede-o-phile", lol...oh how can i forget "the beer gut" "the starry eyed surfer" "the shy mute"...yes I have a colourful range of buddies...the one thing none of my buddies can ever be are...BORING!!!! Hope I didn't miss anyone...but my head is starting to thump :P


JJ Beazley said...

Oh Zhen, my dear old tart from Oz
Your soubriquets are charming.
I think I'll choose The Drunk because
Being old is too alarming.

Glad you got an official label at last.

You inspired yet another blog post.

The verification is 'loend.' Is that where you are? The universe knows a thing or two.

Zz... said...

the drunk it is then, lol better aged whisky than fosters eh? i am too tired to banter any further, lol

jamesobrien said...

The Swed-o-phile is good, though a Swedish bloke recently described me as an "honorary Swede".