Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Late Bloomer

I wonder at what age people really know what they want. I think I want a lot of things...and ALL of them! However it only just hits me(ie I finally only got realistic, lol) that true to my multilevelled multidimensional multifaceted complexity having ALL those things simultaneously is not possible! I wonder at what age I reach for a compromise...

I guess when you have this dilemma it is not a solvable one that you should even bother wasting thinking energy on. I'm just going with whatever path God opens up for me especially since all the plans I make never ever seem to work out...but seriously considering all my different interests and pulls in all different directions it sure is going to be an interesting one and a real surprise...I guess I never was very good at prioritising or making outright choices, lol. So lucky I can choose God and his path and choices for me...thank God at least one thing is straightforward and solved!!!

It's been just over a year my whole life changed and got turned upside down. Strangely amidst the chaos I'd have to say I'm pretty contented with how "life" is...perhaps I'm only just discovering what "life" is!!! :D


HappyOrganist said...

at what age? um - 48 =D

Zz... said...

i'm still not sure if I would have made up my mind yet ;):p