Wednesday, August 3, 2011


BMI=Body Mass Index

For as long as I can remember, without being anorexic or even light going on eating, I have always been UNDERWEIGHT or VERY UNDERWEIGHT by the Body Mass Index measurement. So I always thought it was idiotic. Anyway I am pleased to see that ASIAN countries hold different standards for what constitutes a healthy figure, considering our body types are so much less robust than Anglo people...

But I'm still UNDERWEIGHT. To get to a healthy weight even by Asian female standards I need to put on at least another 2.5kg...I only just managed to put on 1.5-2kg...for some of us...PUTTING ON WEIGHT is like hiking Mt Everest, at least with losing weight you can just do hardcore exercise...

Especially in this cold I can just SIT and lose weight! I don't mind being able to shovel my face full of food all day though...I like eating^^ but even my digestive organs feel a bit overworked having to process it have to's the weight gain going??


HappyOrganist said...

I'm down to 108 or so.
So you need to gain 5 lbs? I need to gain 3x that to not be underweight (or anorexic). Anyway, I lost 2 lbs or so the last couple weeks. Of course it wasn't intentional.
I'm not interested in drinking my weight-gainer again either. I still have a large bucket of it left..

But as long as I'm able to function I'm not worried about what I weigh. If my brain works and I have energy to do what I want to do, then that's gotta be good enough, right? Still, the seeing ribs thing isn't very cool. But there's nothing I can do about it apparently.
People keep saying my metabolism will change. I'm still waiting and honest-to-God I'm starting to think it will never happen. It hasn't happened to my brother yet, either. 'Course he is younger than me..

Zz... said...

LOL HO you ever heard the term SKINNY MINNIE? lol a nice old lady called me that once. I thought it was hilarious the expression.

HO maybe you should use the asian BMI can be an honorary asian, I give you permission ;)

How intriguing never heard of weight gainer is that like the protein shakes body builders take? (All going to turn to flabby sag anyway when they're older ;)

I agree...POKING OUT RIBS and RIB CAGES are damn ugly on any living thing.

I guess when maybe the only way to look normal is to get pregnant...could people even tell you were pregnant?

HappyOrganist said...

Yes, people could tell I was pregnant (at the end ^^) hahah

Yes it is protein shakes for body builders. Costs a lot, you know that? And have to plug my nose to drink it - but the aftertaste is tolerable, so it's doable. But it's a bit of work.
I'll have to look up the Asian numbers.. won't they still have a height/weight index? I may be off the charts on the height...

Incidentally I TRIED the getting pregnant thing in order to gain weight (last pregnancy). And it all fell off in spite of NOT breastfeeding right afterward. In fact I went 5 lbs lower than before. My acupuncturist even noticed "wow, you're thinner than before you were pregnant!" shock on her face.. Anyway, no point in trying that again =)

JJ Beazley said...

Did you ever read my post Rule by Numbers: the BMI Story.

The mirror is a far better guide than playing silly numbers games.

Anyway, skinny girls are the bees knees.

HappyOrganist said...

Asian BMI reference

Is this the tool you mean? I'm still underweight.

Zz... said...

HO, yep, same :P But at least it's not quite as drastic looking as using the white one, lol.