Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Franco-Sino Day and Racial Tensions

Okay cos of my vicious cycle of wet hair late at night this blog gets graced with a post about the trivial minutiae of my day :P

My Sweet Tooth always gets a good work out when I'm in the city...hit the patisseries!!

Diversion 1 was an artisan pink metallic powder dusted pistacchio macaron with white chocolate ganache and sour cherries. So-so not bad but not amazing, did not superseded expectations or the best macaron I have tasted.

Diversion 2 was inspired by having recently eaten my first Krispy Kreme thing. I was just comparing so I got a French patisserie chocolate custard filled donut...it was pretty good...

Yikes, no wonder I now have a sore throat...no regrets though!

Latter half of the day I indulged some asian flavours...seaweed and spicy tofu ramen in pork stock soup...then a classic pearl milk tea(but damn I should have got the premium for 20c more it's worth it!)

anyway aaaaah...happy belly!

Apart from that forgot what DRAMA is inherent in city living....first my train had to get replaced due to VANDALISM and smashed windows- yes society is going down the drain...

then a humungous bitch fight broke out when one lady sprayed some tea tree thing and another lady tried to tell her to not spray it in an enclosed space...it got rather heated and some threats of fisty cuffs ensued! I was trying not to listen but also trying to work out who I sided with past thinking adult women are so bitchy and belligerent and petty...and why must I live among such unevolved people? BUt then my loyalties got seriously tested when the whitey started making racist insinuations towards the black haired lady, which were really quite irrelevant to the initial teatree situation...at one point the scale was tipping in favour of my asian roots and I had to seriously bite my lip to not embroil in an intervention with my perfectly anunciated and perfectly grammatically correct English sentences despite my black hair- oh wow! :p

Basically the 2c i really wanted to add but refrained was that white people here are MIGRANTS and INVADERS too- why are "Aussies" always so quick to forget the true original owners of the land and the way their land, culture and people were STOLEN?

So yeah I had to express my 2c here...Grrrr!


HappyOrganist said...

whoa. I would definitely agree on your two cents. I don't know that I'd have spoken up (probably not if they were about to launch fists). But that is a shame. I get so annoyed at annoying racial crap like that. We have it here, too.

I was watching a show the other day (it was one of those undercover - fake people out to see how they will react kind of things). And this fellow and his crew set up scenes of racial profiling. Ex. A man dressed as a police officer or immigration official (I can't remember details - I'm sorry - but I'm wondering if it's legal to dress up like one when you're not. I don't think so). Anyhow - one guy pretended to be that kind of authority and he'd go into a restaurant, for example, and start hounding a man who looked like an immigrant. Ask to see his papers or some such like that. (This is all to see how the people in the restaurant will react). They found that a lot of the time (if I remember correctly) people would intervene and get mad at the obvious racial-profiling going on. On the clip I saw a woman (American) was about to help the fellow in question run away ("I'll grab your car for you, meet you around the back" kinda thing). Amazing. And I'm so proud of that woman who I don't even know who would be willing to do that kind of thing and just step up (even though that seems borderline illegal). Anywho - impressive. See, most people are good. It's just the not-good ones that make the news all the time.

JJ Beazley said...

I think this is true of all 'new world' countries. They're all immigrant cultures, and should be a little more circumspect in their attitude towards immigrants.

Which isn't to say that we shouldn't all be tolerant of immigrants. People have been moving around the world for thousands of years. The English came here as invaders, and that's how the Welsh still see us!

JJ Beazley said...

That's very heartwarming, HO. THe woman who was ready to help the man run away has my kind of humanity.

Franko Gnedo said...

That's worth more than 2 cents!