Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay so when a German tells me so I listen, lol


So anyway my German gf who I highly admire and respect told me to be a certain way. Somehow when a German tells me so I listen and obey,'s hypnotoad on Futurama all over again!

So from that what to conclude? Humans are a completely irrational species!!! But then again there are those that attribute it to gender...LOL

An aside, I was told that with how to get on with the opposite genders it goes like this...for males a female puts in 50% listening and 50% understanding. With females males need 100% listening and 0% understanding. Obviously a Male told me that! *eye roll*

I feel wrung out with too much social interaction and being pulled in so many directions-not like I can retain my structural energetic integrity easily when I feel like lots of vultures all grabbing at me...I think introverted hermits were not made for this...I've scheduled in serious CAVE TIME for recovery next week, however the next month is a bit hectic!! (But also possibly exciting...)

p.s for the record while I'm being irrationally(?) prejudiced can I just put on the record...I. ABSOLUTELY. CANNOT. STAND. LEO. MEN. I guess that is probably why I have drawn them my entire life probably in about an 80% to other ratio!!!!! see...there is some rationality to my rant!


HappyOrganist said...

Women are irrational - it's true!

Enjoy it. I'm sure there's a reason. ^^

JJ Beazley said...

My observation has been that men generally rely entirely on reason, whereas women tend to use a mixture of reason and instinct. That often makes them seem irrational to men - especially when their instinct is wrong. When their instinct is right, however, men have historically (and hysterically) accused them of consorting with demons and burned them alive.

On the whole, I haven't always been too keen on Leo men either.