Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mystic Wednesday

I'm loving the series THE MENTALIST...Great Storylines...Great Twists! Super sensitive intuitive psychological psychic investigative Detective- totally up my ally!! If detective work wasn't so "dangerous" that's one career path I probably would have wanted to try out...Lisbon is such a kick ass cool chick - I would love to have a friend like this in real life :)

This morning started with another early wake up call and lost keys kerfuffle...thanks to a little divine help though I did manage to find them before I missed too much class....stuck in a big umbrella!

Slacked off for an hour Easter egg shopping which was kinda friend and are weird - we just love strolling up and down supermarket alleys probably cos we love eating! LOL

Had a Four Pillars astrology consult which was kinda interesting but strangely brought no new insights...basically I think when you're very intuitive there are things you just already know ;)

Strangely though I did inadvertently get unexpected insight from a friend who has the Divine Gift of Prophecy. That was pretty cool :)

Another weird thing, I am very much in an Aquarius phase right now...keep meeting Aquarians and am really enjoying their company- these astrological phases are weird...before it was Aries and now Aquarians...exactly the same thing happened in this order last year- deja vu!


miruspeg said...

Hey Mac!
I haven't been watching the Mentalist, but alot of my friends enjoy it. I watch Criminal Minds as it used to be on the same time but now it is an hour earlier.

Interesting Wednesday you had, loved reading about it....and it was April fools day as well.

Annemarie chose Disipline as her word for the year to encourage herself to cook more....sure looks like it is working. I'll be travelling with her in 2010 so I hope she still enjoys cooking because I am a very slack cook.

The song "take my breath away" came out in has got a very haunting sound and it was used in the Top Gun movie.

We both should be in bed, don't you think!!!


Dina said...

I think I've totally misjudged the Mentalist show. From what I heard, I had thought it was anti-spirituality. I thought it was about proving there's no such thing as psychics--just people who are good at reading people's body language and all that.

I'm glad to hear it's not like that. Maybe I'll watch it someday. I'm behind on TV though...still haven't caught up with Medium.

Anonymous said...

Aquarians are COOL! But then I am biased ;o) We don't get that programme - at least not on freeview (which is all we have at the moment). I have so far avoided getting Sky... but I'm crumbling.

mscherrylane said...

Peg, Lucky you! I witnessed the most amazing meals cooked by I am so lazy when I travel I just can't be bothered- I'm on holiday!!

eh Top Gun was so overrated, it's only cos Tom Cruise was en vogue back then...

LOL by the time I'm done with all the necessities lately it's always at least midnight before I am able to lay my weary head on the pillow :p I really should make a conscientious effort to get more than 6 hours sleep a night. I'm violating my own TCM rules!!! But it's just hard when you're a busy bee type...

mscherrylane said...

Dina, I think THE MENTALIST is right up your alley...and to make you go watch it I guess I should mention the star- Simon Baker -is an Aussie, so You LOVE it already! LOL ;)

mscherrylane said...

HS I have to admit Aquarians are cool...there are few people who don't mistake my eccentricity and quirks for insanity so I really appreciate you guys LOL
and besides I forgot to mention...I LOOOOOVE 33s!

Shannanigans said...

I have never seen that show...It is on here though I just can't watch TV because of my crazy hours. Maybe I will just buy the seasons on dvd

Anonymous said...

*Flutters eyelashes* lol!