Thursday, April 2, 2009

Terrific Thursday.

The highlight of today was definitely having my first ever own patients.

Other funny thing was meeting the THIRD random person with a pretty unique name that I seem to get along with...I had never heard this name before December....and suddenly 3! - LOL wonder if the Universe is trying to tell me anything?...I remember going through a weird period of keep on encountering people names some variation on "John" but at least John is a really common name...

I'm also very contented about finally being able to do The Art of Detachment which has been liberating and made life so much more pleasant...the ability to keep boundaries has been my biggest no benefit to me problem for the longest time...Caring TOO much has been incredibly draining...

And for dinner, a nice 20 minute no-skill but tasty "what's in the fridge and pantry" meal...

Green Tea Soba Noodles in Miso Base Soup
1.5 T-2T of dark miso
some sea salt
white pepper
few drops sesame oil
bit of soya sauce
chopped carrot
chopped cabbage
frozen corn kernels
exotic white mushrooms-oyster or those stringy ones
tofu puffs
free range organic chicken fillet slices
an egg
green tea soba noodles

Basically boil up the stock & flavourings, add the "stuff", simmer. Crack an egg on the top and stir until just cooked. Pour soup of stuff onto the separately cooked and drained noodles. Voila! Nice healthy meal in 20 minutes. If you have time I'd use a Clay Pot, everything just tastes better and seems more nutritious...for some reason LOL

And finally, talk about wishes being gratified somewhat instantaneously...1 day after I wished on my blog for more international visitors my awesome mate D who resides in Japan informs me he will be coming for a visit shortly...I only get to see him every 1.5-2 years these days so really looking forward to catching up...and plus he's got a super cool family and bunch of friends here too :)

Anyway I'm going to relaaaax by reading some Sartre etc...Loving all this Existentialist stuff which my uber cultured Mexican mate got me into...Have no idea how I managed a whole arts degree never having read it before! And then I will curl up with some Mysterious Cities of Gold...this is an AWESOME cartoon circa 1983 great for young and old alike!


Shannanigans said...

Hey your meal sounds good minus the meat. I would love to be an international visitor for ya but I need to win some international money first

markymark2099 said...

Congrats doc :) You're well on your way to a fulfilling life!!

Anonymous said...

Good on yer! (As they say over here - see, I'm picking up the lingo). I remember my first ever 'real' clients - it's a thrill. May you have many more.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! Isn't fun getting your very own patients? Wishing you many more. XO