Saturday, April 4, 2009

I see coloured lights.

So, just like is becoming the norm for Friday night :p Grandma was in bed by 7pm, but this time so exhausted actually passed out for the last couple hours...and pretty much skipped dinner again-naughty!

The most interesting thing for the day was that I woke up completely drained and exhausted Friday morning with a huge headache on the same side that my last patient had had (before I had "treated" it)....ergh, the Empathic Headache. Actually it was more like a migraine(which was how the patient had put it) when I eventually dragged myself to class my friend very kindly gave me a head massage...WOW. I have never had a head massage before. The strangest part was that every time her hands moved over my eyes I saw coloured lights typically a bright grassy green. There was also a blue and purple light on other occasions. Interesting. Usually I only see coloured lights (turquoise green mostly and a splash of purple or pink on rare occasion) after a session of yoga or something. And in any case I only started seeing lights since being attuned to reiki. So that was kinda cool...I guess this friend also has very strong Healing Vibes :)

I need to work out some better protection for next time I think. Another friend concurred my experience that everytime she treats people "with intent" she always knows they got better cos she ends up with their shoulder, or tummy pain etc the next day. I did notice I had a headache on the same side on the same day after but was surprised when I had the full blown migraine on the same side as the patient had had the next day.

Other thing on my mind was that I miss having an animal...this is my little cutie from before(my first ever pet besides fish!) :

just I can barely even manage myself with this schedule let alone look after an animal. I guess at this particular time I don't feel like I can really relate to people...I think it's kinda like that funny movie Ghost World where he says:

"You can't relate to other people, so you fill your life with stuff... I'm just like all these other collector losers. "

I have to admit I do recognise lots of myself in Enid and I could see myself getting along well with a Seymour. (Maybe it's only the "abnormal" people who truly pique my interest enough for me to want to know them- I wonder why haha)

I think on a just meet acquaintance level, getting along with people for me is pretty breezy but to find people I truly connect with past that and actually enjoy their company repeatedly, well that's pretty rare. I guess at my core I'm innately antisocial- it's not that the skills are completely lacking, it's more like being sociable seems like too much effort relative to pay off unless I'm "in the mood". Like my mum reminded me "remember you used to have a big picture of the HERMIT tarot card stuck on your bedroom wall?"

I guess since about forever on both tangible and spiritual levels I never exactly fit in with the norm for my age. So I guess I'm feeling decidedly antisocial...but maybe that's just cos I probably overdid it with too much contact with people I don't resonate with this week thus feeling more aware of that normal gap that exists between people but which I don't feel so much with animals, or even more so in Nature.

LOL, on the last trivial recount of the young friend actually started calling me "Grandma" (I guess I asked for it when I keep using it all the time LOL)...he msged me "hey grandma, I'm at the pub across the road, come join me!"

I didn't reply.

I guess it's allowed for me to call me Grandma but a sore point if a young guy does...*hmph!


Shannanigans said...

hey grandma! Sorry I havent written but I am still laid up with this awful cold. I never get them so I guess it is making up for it. I was thinking you should do a meditation of self protection before you work on patients so you don't take on their energy.
I will catch up soon hermit, I promise...and the picture is adorable!

Anonymous said...

You must start protecting yourself before treating patients - and cleanse the workspace after they leave. Remember to ask symptoms to leave if they don't 'belong' to you. You'll be no use to anyone if you're flat out on your back exhausted!!