Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Girl Hates Shopping.

I'm just not a fan of malls with their noisy crowds, lack of ventilation, blatant hard core consumerism, pushy sales people and glaring bright lights. If I have to like "shopping" I very much prefer the quaint little street with one off non generic stores with individually hand-made high quality items...local or sourced from specialty areas of the world.

Ironically, in my "previous life" hubby used to drag me to the mall at every opportunity- I have no idea how some people can like just walking around looking at "stuff"! I feel that anybody who feels such a need to go shopping so much must be trying to fill some gaping void or soothe some emotional ailment LOL, I guess that's why they call it "Shopping Therapy"...each to his own I guess. I personally prefer "Beach or Nature Therapy" and don't really get people who do "Gym Junkie Therapy"...these people should donate some of their spare energy to ME!!!

So I've been putting this "shopping" business off for about a month (bar the necessary food stuffs etc). But obviously, I'm still home...procrastinating. Basically I accidentally melted my toaster cord so need to get a new electric toothbrush is at the end of it's life and only goes "Zzz" in fits and bursts, I need to get my jade bracelet restrung, and I need to buy some heavy medical books (Expensive) and of course...lots of food. ( I don't mind that last part ;)

Blergh, this being my first weekend I don't have to stress on some pressing limiting factor for a while I just want to stay curled up watching Mysterious Cities of Gold all day...but if I did that I'd fall behind even more...grr I hate this need for Continual Discipline issue.

In any case I shouldn't complain...I remember being in a town which didn't even have a bookstore so I should be happy for the convenience factor of malls. And in any case I only just noticed these crazy pyjamas from Asia I'm wearing have my animal symbol of a butterfly, along with a timely reminder :)

And another pic while I'm at it...calibration issue with 450D still unresolved...this test pic has been corrected with Photoshop obviously otherwise it wouldn't be this clear! :p


Shannanigans said...

I hate shopping too! Despise is a better word. I go about 2 times a year...but I do like popping in the local shops, like my fave bookstore.
Oh and I am a gym junkie only some of the time.. but it is scientifically proven that your body begins to crave the physical "high" you get from excercise and it makes you want to go you actually CAN be a gym junkie.
Fun fact of the day

Asianmommy said...

What a cool pic!
I've come to dread shopping, too. I try to get in and out as fast as possible now.