Sunday, July 5, 2009

Money...and women LOL

I'd have to say I know some pretty financially comfortable/capable we were casually looking willy nilly at nice occurred to me how easy is life when you have loads of don't really need to think twice about huge acquisitions...cos pretty well there aren't any limits!!!

It was an interesting reminder (while I was cruising in a Mercedes) of the huge divide that exists between the people who have and the people who have not.

In any case later in the conversation it occurred to me: how much money do you really need anyway?? And once you have so much money...what exactly is the point? What is your purpose?

...And then I totally understand why very wealthy people aren't necessarily the happiest...

The other interesting thing of late is suddenly since my holidays started I have progressed into an "Era of Women"...suddenly I'm not sure whether I got more in touch with my Yin aspect so I relate better or what but suddenly I am presented with women in real life I actually can really get along with without backbreaking effort! In any case it's been fun :) It's been a long time...I think I needed to break out of the rut of only being able to get along with any case I feel like I've definitely made some kind of "progress" since I can suddenly be good friends with women so that's cool.

And the other interesting thing is I'm gotten out of the 1111 phase had a few 222s but a shiteload of 333, 3333333 and 33333 and 333. Ahhhh I feel blessed! hehe...


HappyOrganist said...

$$ is just added responsibility. Don't wish for more than you need (unless you're ready to share the wealth)
my parents made lots of money (Dad was a good lawyer (good at his job) and mom was a computer programmer). So we had plenty of money most of while we were young (apparently not so much while they were in school). heh
BUT - it's all about how you spend it (way more than it is about how much you have coming in). All I remember growing up was mom saying "we don't have any money." That's b/c they took a lot of vacations (money out). They made $100,000 or more a year (and still were late on bills and what not, or complaining about not having enough money). Clearly they had enough - it's just about how you use it (unless you have nothing coming in, and then that might be a problem).


women.. this is fun. I am not like you (of course). I hear you harp on this time and time again (your thing about hanging with the guys).
But, I can relate to the 'getting along better with women' lately thing. The last few years I have totally come into my own as far as socializing more easily and adeptly with women. Before now, I've totally found it easier to talk (just converse) with men. I think it had to do with me feeling like I was competing with women. But once I decided I was married (like 5 years after I was married), and sort of swore off men, I suddenly find I like women (socially). All problems gone.

but I would guess, your story is different (as to why you suddenly get along w/ women now).

HappyOrganist said...

you know, I read up on all that "numbers" thing, and according to what I've read, it's all in your head


mscherrylane said...

hehe see i think this is where that ol soul aspect comes and seeing my own gender as "competition" has never really entered my mind...only aware of the former cos of being raised by migrants and never aware of the latter until people have mentioned it as their experience repeatedly. For me it is very different...I think it is a) getting in touch with my yin aspect and b) the universe answering my deep desire to find women I can resonate with in real life so that the social sphere is not such a tricky and complex minefield which it is at this age :p so you can't keep up your boyhood associations like the ol days! I seriously don't think I often find women I can connect with though...still. loooong way to go before I can truly identify with the average woman LOL!

p.s believing in angelic numbers not so different to "the garment" from an outsiders perspective at least!! ;)

Izzy said...

uhm, let's see, money, never been a big fan. just want enough to live comfortably (not pay check to pay check). i'm fortunate enough now in my life, after 40 years, to be with a husband who makes enough to make that a reality...

women, wow, never had a lot of female friends. hormones tend to get in the way of friendships, but, again, the whole 40 thing seems to be changing that also. i'm finding my tribe now, and it seems to be full of women. girl power and all that stuff. =)

HappyOrganist said...

oh 40 - that sounds good. 50 sounds better ;-) but 40 can look good (if on the right person).. and 60.. well, i won't even 'go' there. ;-)


Shannanigans said...

Money shmoney. I grew up dirt poor and I believe I grew up better for it. I don't care a bit about money (although I don't mind having it, it does make things comfy) but I prefer experiences more. I also appreciate what I have more because I know what it was like to be without

Girls are so much fun if you find the right ones. I was out last night for a bachelorette party...15 chicks crammed in a van going bar hopping. Wow talk about estrogen...but it was an awesome guy free night. There are aspects of the feminine that I will never understand, and women that I will never want to hang out with, but there are a lot of guys like that too.

Finally, I have always been a 333 girl