Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rubbing Shoulders with...

OMG. This is the stuff of DREAMS!! Or at least stuff I would soooo be boasting about to EVERYBODY if I was still a somewhat pretentious film student at university lol!!!

In any case in an interesting twist of events-synchronicity perhaps- I saw a very amazing film that I was INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED by the foreign director...several days later it seems I have managed to "bump into" one of his former students who has also trained under ANOTHER superfamous esteemed foreign film director whose work I Highly respect and liked...and so anyway my new friend is ALSO a film director with his own production company!

AND he will be coming to Roo Land next year....arghhhhh!

In any case it is soooooo amazing to have someone SO "in the know" that I can discuss amazing cinema and great directors with etc etc...WOW. It is very exciting. Maybe if this happens frequently enough- exotic foreigners from overseas for visits with "interesting calibre ratings" of 7+ and more...the social culture of this country won't wear me down so much...cos I like everything else :)

LOL I think this is the closest I've been to being awestruck screaming and crying teenager in a concert thing...but I'm about to see MY VERY FAVOURITE BAND OF THE CURRENT with any luck I might somehow "bump into" them! LOL I'm pretty sure I'd be soooo awestruck I couldn't even babble I'd just be completely overawed embarrassed and tongue tied!!!


HappyOrganist said...

Is this something we should know? Who is your favorite band? ??

Nowhere Man said...

synchonicity perhaps..or maybe some things are simply meant to be. seems to me like you have a pretty bright future ahead. shine on.