Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not social for social sake.

Never EVER eat FOUR ultra sweet chocolate chunk cookies, or indulge lots of mental stimulation right before bed- I guarantee you a crappy or non-existent sleep! LOL

In any case, after Toyboy has labelled me his "abnormal asian alien" and after finding myself mystified by normal person social rituals and regimes... I thought I'd do a community service and educate EVERYONE ELSE on that rare breed of...THE INTJ FEMALE...for all <0.5% of us that exist and you are so unlikely to ever encounter in society particularly if you live Down Under!

So anyway...what people DON'T GET is that we DO NOT understand being social..."just because". NO. There has to be a REASON. So maybe "F" types will find that cold and utilitarian, but to us, it JUST. MAKES SENSE!!! lol

So basically what I realised is that, while people happily go about in polite conversations and niceties just for the sake of being social I won't bother unless there is something PURPOSEFUL about the whole situation...namely...I must be able to RELATE to you on some kind of *substantial* level...usually that is from shared interests or shared opinions or...SOMETHING! And I must LIKE talking about that topic! Or ENJOY hearing your point of view (as well as the sound of your voice)! Or ENJOY teasing you and getting a reaction (elbows HO ;)...*evil chuckle*. Cos otherwise, seriously? I could just as happily be silently communing with a tree or a bird and the AIR, or...shock horror, making out with my MIND or the mind creations of other people! LOL

So anyway, I just thought I should make that quite clear. It just completely BLOWS MY MIND general human behaviour, or actually to be more specific usually BORES MY MIND, lol. Basically I am particularly confused about gender hangups, mating dispositions and ME, everybody is literally a (*picture a BRAIN walking around*). Gender doesn't really factor into the recognition process...the first step is "do i like or not like this brain" No2. "is this brain worth engaging with?" "Will I be edified in anyway or will they benefit from my pearls of wisdom?" LOL! AFTER step1 and step2 THEN gender recognition will be activated...but more as an AFTERTHOUGHT just like adding shade detail to get a more 3d sketch of a person than just a 2D line drawing :)

Hmm I guess that is why I regularly get called "weird"(and rather proudly so, shhhh! But REALLY, as if that was a *secret* LOL!)

You know what? You "normals" have no idea JUST HOW WEIRD (and let me say, AMUSING) your 24-7 mating and coupling directed mind is to my species too! ;) (okay perhaps it's just my particular city and age bracket- Australia DID post 4 cities in the top 10 GLOBALLY for highest participation in phone 'hookup' apps!...Surprise surprise an avid rather sit in a corner at social events "observer" and "studier" of people I realised this looooooong, looooong ago!) hehe my generation are so damn boring here...THANK GOD for music, art, old peeps and the creatively and intellectually inspired and talented! :D


P.S if a BONAFIDE (like tested her whole life and at least twice professionally) INTJ FEMALE happens to read this, feel free to correct or hone what I have said. And by the way NICE TO MEET YOU! It truly IS an honour, lol even my most social friends with big networks still haven't been able to track down a real live other "specimen" for me, lol! :D

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Nowhere Man said...

I don't see anything wrong with that. No since in wasting your time if you are just not interested. That would be fake.