Saturday, November 19, 2011

Did bygone eras just have more CLASS?

I'm thinking Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and all the men...can't think of the names...

I'm just wondering cos I'm definitely weird and strange for my era but I still get on GREAT with people typically 60 and over and well with anybody nearing 50 and over.

One of them suggested it's cos today's society is CLASSLESS.

So does that mean I have CLASS? ;) ;)

...Don't argue with your elders! LOL


HappyOrganist said...

you know - except that I go for lady friends and not old men - I expect we two would be quite competitive if we lived close enough. ^^


What do you mean "all the men"? You can't think of Cary Grant and (alright I forgot all the rest of their names, too). Who would we put in that category? Who is like Grace Kelly but a man? I can't come up with any names. Cody says Fred Astaire (I like Grant better).
goodnight ;)

HappyOrganist said...

I've got it. Jim Stewart. I like him quite well.

Franko Gnedo said...

Yes I believe they did. A self respectful style and also respect for others I think they are the main differences that made bygone eras classy. I love class. I recently watched a Woody Allen movie on a flight, I think it was called a Saturday Night in Paris or something like that. The main character moves back in time which I think is petty cool.

Zz... said...

Yep FG I've been waiting to find time and space to see that movie for a MONTH! I am a big fan of woody allen...couldn't you guess...i think lots of the grandpa/ma generation do.

HO yep Cary Grant actually I don't remember who off the top of my head except Humphrey Bogart comes to mind...but probably I just have a thing for detective characters...but basically I really do mean those entire bygone eras in general.

HappyOrganist said...

How about Perry Mason then? We like that show.. For that matter there's that Sherlock Holmes actor. What's his name? The skinny one .. Jeremy.. what is it? Jeremy Brett? yeah. 'course he's not as old as the others we've named.

Zz... said...

Sean Connery and Harrison Ford aren't bad either ;) They're still pre 1955 you