Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanks to African Sun :)

I have to admit I had a pretty crappy day but it all melted away after chatting with "African Sun", lol that's his nickname anyway cos his rays of warmth in friendship perhaps typical of the culture just melted all the frustrations of the day.

Lately I found myself very addicted to exotic foreigners, perhaps as my heart moves further and further away from this country/society...but in particular lately I am fascinated by Africa and The Middle East, probably because they are the most unfamiliar and unknown places and culture to me so learning more absolutely piques my interest and sates my curiosity!

So yes definitely new Directions, new life, new inspiration for me always includes new global relationship with Australia has definitely turned rancid and sour. 30 years here is just too importing and having all my foreign friends visit often I think my itchy feet wants to make tracks to try living in a different country and culture for a bit...just until I miss the wide open space and clean air here a bit more...based on how often people that escaped come back though...perhaps I won't miss it!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find better words to say that I am living these days in my town: my relationship with Mexico has definitely turned rancid and sour. I have planed to fly to NY, I need fresh air, maybe at this time, a real winter.
My cheers to you...

Zz... said...

Zx, last time yo went to Brooklyn? what happened!!! I am confused I thought you moved permanently!

I'm sorry but as a Frida Kahlo Fan the colourful culture that has inspired her life and paintings...I can't imagine to be as dreary as living in a blank culture-less city like mine! I still want to go to Coyoacan one day to see that house with the bridge!!! But yes I don't know if I could stand the air pollution in Mexico city.

But I am a fan of Mexicans- they are very creatively inspired and well read and have GOOD TASTE, although I only talked to two in my life, lol...We need more of you here...move HERE! :D

Anonymous said...

Zz, I was in Brooklyn however I came back (long history), now I am pretending to be back by next January or May. Mexico City is amazing, well, you know it has all the troubles a city face, however if someday you come to Coyoacan, I am pretty sure that you will be astonishing of that colorful culture we have.