Friday, November 4, 2011

2 more months of Bum-ness

PLUS the holiday season and the warm weather! WOW suddenly life is starting to get busy! Okay, plus I'm addicted to foreigners and hence indulging crazy hours and having crappy sleep cycles...but still trying to cram in quite a bit of fun during the day...I think cos I know very soon it will be a very familiar "don't have a life" story...and no matter how much I try for balance I'm never disciplined or organised enough to pace myself...I'm always a last minute finisher...the motivation to start stuff only draws near when I start to feel stress...I guess that's just innate laziness I need to admit to on my part. I have no idea how people finish projects well BEFORE a due date??!!! Crazy nerds!!!!

I saw a pretty decent art exhibition during the it put me back feeling "in my element" and inspired...I realised the going rate is one good cultural event equates to 3 interesting people conversations "fix"(!!) LOL


HappyOrganist said...

sounds like fun. re: sleep cycles, we are a bit off on ours too. I think the time change this weekend will help. Lack of sleep is finally catching up with Cody and I. We went to bed really early last night and cried that it weren't Saturday today. ;D


Have a good weekend. That's fun that you get your fix of interesting conversation at said events. ;)

Zz... said...

actually it's not even interesting conversations it's wholely the mental inspiration and stimulation of the ART and creative "food" in general :D