Saturday, March 26, 2011


For whatever weird reason all day I couldn't shake the thought that someone was thinking about me...only I had no idea who.

The BIG revelation this week was that I'm an extreme EMPATH and hence live a very unusual existence and am a lot more intuitive than I realised. So that makes me think even more that that niggly feeling I have is valid but I just can't seem to pinpoint the WHO. I guess all will reveal itself in time...

Maybe I'm just so exhausted from sheer overload that I'm getting delirious...I feel this way! In any case hopefully it will be a nice relaxing day out on the water in a few short hours...Sweet Dreams and RAINBOWS- yep I saw a huge one today and I just kept gawking at the beauty!

Love from Z! x


HappyOrganist said...

It wasn't me.

Are you working again? Is that how come you are drained?

miruspeg said...

I was thinking about you yesterday Macs! Good thoughts.
I often send out thoughts into the Universe and get a reply from the person I am thinking about.
It is a real buzz!
Pegs xxxxx

Zz... said...

hehe thanks for coming forward if it was indeed you Pegs! I need to hone my skill so I can focus on the details with pinpoint accuracy at the moment it's just all blurry fuzz LOL but I did freak out some random strangers I met today with this intuitive stuff (in a good way)

HO drained from organising permanent relocation & catching up on "life"- so much to do!