Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank GOD it's 2011!!!!!!!!

Okay so as you can tell it's an understatement to say how relieved I am to be entering a New Year. Yeah cut me some slack if it seems a bit superstitous!

Anycase one of the best NYE ever, for a loooong time...for one the fireworks were really awesome and I wasn't caught in a terrifying crush- actually it was very cruisy and relaxing...I sauntered in late, had an easy spot with ample bubble space, a good view and barely any cigarette smoke! Not even any mozzie or sandfly bites -wow! Maybe my strange lucky circumstances were to be expected...on the way there I saw that JESUS ✞ was written in the sky! Pretty impressive...especially when I was feeling quite some despair due to prior incident.

To sum up 2010 in a nutshell right to the last moments probably best done by one of the tunes that came on on my ipod - the Chumbawumba lyrics "I get knocked down but I get up again you're never gonna keep me down..." yup that was pretty much my entire 2010....challenging...So Thank GOD it's over. Curiously another tune that came up was Bjork's In the Musicals with lyrics "You're always there to catch me"...Yup there was a real God theme going on :)!

Hopefully an omen of a great 2011 ahead...HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^^

From one very relieved Zhen.


Anonymous said...

Thank God it's weekend plus a happy 2011 :)

HappyOrganist said...


Evil Shannanigans said...

2010 was meh. Hope this year is better.