Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wash Me Clean

So it’s 420am and the sun hasn’t even broken yet. I duck out to the loo and spy the miner? In an adjacent room in his orange suit and hard hat has left for work already. I’m in rural Australia…Loving it up, lapping it up!!! In summary, I AM SO CUT OUT TO BE A COUNTRY BUMPKIN ^^ ^^ ^^!

But I digress… the reason for this post: I had a very “revelatory”? conversation with a good mate last night probably one I could have used a long time ago…I had so much guilt I couldn’t sleep. I felt almost like I was confessing to a priest…anyway hopefully like the title of the KD Lang song and how it seems to work for Catholics I’ve been cleansed…and can go back to sleep!

On a somewhat related note I have been thinking about baptism…the jury is out but wow, talk about the ultimate “cleansing”. When I got this leaf necklace for my 30th it signified the birth of a new era of living by faith…but maybe I need a ritual cleansing too…if anyone has had one( an adult voluntary baptism), would be interested to know if you think it’s worthwhile…Later bloggies!

P.S Oh boy has obtaining a workable net connection in the country been somewhat of a challenge!!! So yes apologies for not being around in the blogosphere to read all your interesting blogs…When I miss the net I miss all my blogger peeps!!!

*HO your candy is in the mail- don’t usually like to spoil surprises but figured I owe you…no doubt you’ve been STARVING without your daily dose of Zhen…hehe ;)

*JJ I’d send you candy too but I don’t think it’d be good for your blood sugar levels- and besides you have your harem ;) BTW it's only cos of your msg I bothered to post...I miss you or our "understanding" too!! Anyway gotta run!!

*how time flies*! 11.1.08, 13.1.08 – la clique: TF♥


HappyOrganist said...

my daily dose. pshaw! I don't know what you're talking about. ;D

I'm going to keep my mouth shut about the baptism thing. You can thank me later ^^

And thank you for the sugar. always needs more ;) though the package is what makes it cool, not the contents. it is a cool package, right?
hopefully no dogs..

p.s. As we're on the topic. I've hit some road bumps in my own project for you. But plan on another shopping trip with my girlfriend tomorrow, indeed, to work through said bumps. Will be interesting.

And on an entirely different note, I just watched the pilot episode for a darling new show (no names). But I was just tickled. Ok - it was Harry's Law. just tickled to death. It's hilarious. wonderful.

Hope you don't get any splinters. outhouses....... ;/
(not to sure about that)

JJ Beazley said...

Two things I don't have:

A blood sugar problem.

A harem.

I think you're getting even nuttier. That's nice; so am I. Must get together one day. Thank you for your kind words, only...

In Britain, msg stands for monosodium glutamate, which I try to avoid.

According to Brit news, the floods have moved from Queensland to Victoria. Did they miss NSW? How?

Zz... said...

HO...I'm getting mozzie bites and sandfly bites- it's all the damn stagnant water around!!!

JJ I'm only 30 and even YOU think I'm nutty...!!! Wonder if I will be in the loony bin by your a...ge ahem, sorry(!) Hehe your flood question is amusing- you should go look at googlemaps and work it out. You know you have a harem just go look at your blog :)

JJ Beazley said...

Takes one to know one.

Takes one to appreciate one.

Not much help, I suppose.