Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Curious Mix: Introverts and Parties!

I'm currently sporting blue panda eyes(this is definitely much worse than traditional black panda eyes!)

in addition I'm still sporting blue glitter fingernagels (this I can live with cos it'll fall off soon enough!)....Since the need for makeup remover arises on average only once a year(not kidding!), I'm being rationally cheap by not investing in any ;)

So....large scale costume party in a club....SO NOT MY SCENE.

Firstly the music was really bad on the verge of offensive and the doof doof was like a drill progressively going deeper into my headache(not that anybody else noticed- I guess if you go enough to these places you must get innured to Bad music LOL) Actually the bar staff were pretty shocked when I asked if they could change the music - I think they were thinking
...who does this girl think she is?! *lol*

But anyway I was amongst friends and several close ones so I was completely comfortable to do as I pleased...Comfortable enough to curl up on the comfy couches for some much needed shut eye LOL and not feel obligated to be a social whore.

I'm not always inherently antisocial, it's rather I have little tolerance for small talk, and despite lots of interesting people around, these kinds of places are not exactly conducive to in depth meaningful conversations or really getting to know I'd rather not expend the energy!

So yeah I had a reasonably good time(don't think it beats a Friday night in though ;) despite being anti-social and not talking much...eating, drinking, playing trivia, watching people dance (I love watching hip hop, pop and boogaloo styles!) most of all I spent a good deal of time taking photos and video :)'s a real shame I have no proper working camera but I still managed to get some awesome content...there was so much there to work with I was like a very happy kid in a candy store :-D Unfortunately my camera was not able to keep up especially in terms of reading the light and shutter response! Not sure if I will post after I upload cos perhaps it's a privacy issue... we'll see.

there was so much digital recording going on, I tried to avoid being in front of camera as much as possible...some people call it camera shy but I just don't think the real me translates to 2D pixels well and cos I'm always aware, I always have this distinctly uncomfortable look on my face! When it comes to large scale parties, although I don't enjoy going to them, I have no qualms attending in the role of "official photographer/videographer", then it just becomes indulging another "hobby" :)

In any case I still felt like an old grandma amongst youngsters *LOL.

p.s Got to ride in only my 3rd ever different type of black vroom vroom sportscar i.e low to the ground, 2 doors, manual transmission, black leather inside, 0-100km in 6s or something...In any case not quite the Aston Martin Vanquish of my dreams -you can have socialist ideals but still have expensive taste!/preferences ;) LOL - but a bit of scary fun-these hoonheads so need to learn to drive properly!!!

p.p.s was that a bit unexpected that I demonstrate an appreciation for things with 4 wheels? yeah, that's due to having been predominantly socialised by 'boys' LOL- Boys Toys definitely have always had way more appeal here...


Dina said...

I could relate to a lot of what you wrote in this post.

I agree about the small talk. I feel there MIGHT be someone I can relate to at a party. But in that social situation, yeah. You never really go beyond the boring small talk.

I also will hide behind a camera at a party. It makes me feel busy. It also kind of gives me an excuse not to talk to people for long--especially if there's the sense that I'm the official videographer person.

Shannanigans said...

I hate the camera and it hates me :)

I went out tonight for the first time in about a was weird

I was home by 1:00 AM...lame