Friday, September 19, 2008

What I like about Californians...

I've been lucky enough to come across a real, live Californian. I was chuffed: Because he completely fit my stereotype of how a Real Californian should be.

For example:

-friendly, easy going, casual, Totally open-minded to everything!
-health freak, health conscious and healthily tanned
-creative type: makes documentaries and does digital media arts
-does not go to doctors or take conventional medicine - instead self medicates with "'erbs"
-does not believe in chemicals so in lieu of conventional deodorants smells of a new-age shop, later identified as patchouli oil.
-named after the stars in the sky! (Cool...)
-had a dero little rat tail which just reinforces the whole "au naturel" vibe.

So very Bohemian!! I was very amused.

The only thing I found slightly askew was that he had this thick kinda *drawl* I could barely comprehend at times- an accent I would have associated more with what a Texan is supposed to have...another Californian remarked, "probably Northern Californian!" (whatever that means!)

In any case, apparently I'd really like California- it's a place where Hippies are the norm. They have a great alternative medicine scene there too.

Although California definitely has it's appeal, I think I love Australia too much to ever leave!


Dina said...

I agree with all your stereotypes and most of them are positive.

I also think though that there's a stereotype of being fake...

The whole "Let's do lunch!" which really means "Please get out of my face. I hope to never see you again."

I also feel Californians think they're better than everyone else. There seems to be a superiority thing going on.

I'm being very negative and prejudice....sorry.

We're going to visit Portland Oregon in a few weeks. I think it has all the positive aspects of California--the whole hippy thing going on. I'm not sure if it has the negative stuff.

We shall see.

Shannanigans said...

what is "chuffed"?

You could go to British Columbia for hippies too, but they are the pot smoking kind

mscherrylane said...

Dina, yeah I agree, I only depicted the one type of Californian- I agree there is that other type too...

Don't even get me started on Sydneysiders! (I guess we all have our own prejudices and negatives as locals...Sydneysiders also tend to have the superiority complex- for example Adelaide and Canberra are still commonly referred to as "A Hole" or "The Hole"!

mscherrylane said...

chuffed is "very pleased". I wouldn't say it's a particularly "australian" expression(just stick to the vernacular I sent you on the Aussie Sheila and Bloke postcards and "you'll be right!" LOL)

I think the expressions I use at times can be a bit of a curious mix- I like to think it's cos I mingle with all sorts of citizens of the world. Also, Foreign cultures and unique people ;) would be among my top interests!

Anonymous said...

I have to chime in here - I LOVE California and the lovely sunny hippy people there! (Not LA, mind - that's an armpit of a place) But the whole coast thing - especially San Simeon - I'm going to rent a shop there selling wind chimes one day... honest I am.

Heee heee - we say chuffed over here too (but it also = farted! lol!)