Monday, September 22, 2008

No Sympathy for Smokers

My sis's friend wrote to me asking advice on her infertility woes. She's stressed out and she's a smoker....she also has a very young child.

I was not impressed.

Well no wonder you're freaking stressed f*ck even I am freaking stressed just from having this passive nicotine going into my bloodstream 24-7!

Nicotine is a stimulant and a vasoconstrictor Lady. How the heck can you relax or even get any decent sleep with that shit constantly in your system? (I certainly can't!)

Meanwhile, your bub is having to inhale that shit while his body is at it's most critical time in his development! Not to mention you're contributing to debilitating disease and premature death for all those that have to share the air around you...

Perhaps a good start would be speaking to someone from Quitline, and maybe pay your local acupuncturist a visit- I hear ear acupuncture is incredibly effective to deal with the addiction and cravings...and the best part? No needles and I think it's cheaper than patches!

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