Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lo Siento, Mi Cuerpa

(I'm Sorry, My Body)

Alternatively, this post could be called "Eww Z...That's Disgusting!!!"

So next week we have the tiniest little recess from semester...somehow my body was more than aware of the fact it could finally just "let go" cos I didn't leave my bed for the last SIXTEEN+ hours(!!!)


Unbelievable! I'm not even jetlagged or sick- I have never spent so much consecutive time in bed! Just from that much rest I also noticed my pupils went all *sparkly* which is something I definitely have not seen for a looooong time...yes, Rest is Good! :)

In any case, basically that 16+ hours is the equivalent of about 3-4 Whole Days of my usual rest...I know-shocking, I definitely have been mistreating my body-basically because I'm so busy with daily grind the only time I get "leisure time" is to ill treat my body by depriving it of sleep so I can read blogs, see friends, blog ;) etc...

So anyway when I emerged from bed as the last rays of sun were dying it felt pretty disgusting to have slept the whole day away! And I really craved some fresh taking a note from my friend who's doing a detox diet I cut loads of fresh veggies and fruits and packed them all up and rushed to the park with my IPOD and sand of the weirdest things I've done in a while but it totally made my day(or night)!

The quiet, clean air, the peace of nightfall was such a nice opportunity to detox and rejuvenate...and the best part? I saw stars! :-D

Even if you do get a couple weird looks by the occasional bypasser, at least you can rely on city people to mind their own business. I think I'll have to do it more during the warmer months- such a nice way to re-ground, really savour every mouthful of food and just

*Enjoy living in the moment*

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Michael said...

I was gonna take a break for a month, but life just won't me. :(