Monday, September 22, 2008

Zhen gets out of her Comfort Zone...Really.

So. My flights are booked.

In search of big open skies, clean air and plenty of space, on the random spur of a random moment I decided to give SERIOUS *country bumpkin* living a whirl...

So right after exams conclude, I'll be heading out like a foreign backpacker to do manual labour on a remote FARM for a few weeks (it would have been the entire summer but I have to get back for x'mas cos my bro's coming from the States...I think that may have been a blessing in disguise!).

I'm excited but also daunted and fearful. It is at times like these I hear the reassurance of my religious friends..."God will provide".

My biggest concern is the remoteness- I have no idea how to even get from the airport to the farm - apparently hitching is still common there but THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL my rational brain thinks that is a good idea.)

Without a car and not knowing how to drive, I will also need to rely on others just to do simple things like buy groceries...I guess I've put myself in a pretty uncomfortable situation of vulnerability and dependence- heavily relying on people around me to be decent and charitable people(eek!)

Food wise, I doubt I can get asian ingredients or any of my usual specifics or organics...oh yeah and I'm not sure if there is any mobile reception let alone internet...I obviously don't know anybody and it's going to force me to exercise my best social room for being anti-social Missy! *lol

Should be interesting, and the limitations will make for a good exercise in one of my biggest weaknesses...Discipline! ...especially with having to get out of bed early!

Hopefully it all works out cos otherwise I'll be Up Shit Creek and stuck cos at this peak season flights home will not only be expensive but booked out.... and I don't think there is much work to be found somewhere like that...

anyone up for Chinese massage?!!!

So at the mere thought of The Impending Adventure, I can only take comfort in that Aussie saying: "She'll be right!!!"

edit: farm just contacted me-i wasn't overestimating...just getting to the farm is sure gonna be some adventure...eeek! they ended the instructions with GOOD LUCK(!)...sounds like I'm going to be relying on the grace of God and my own resourcefulness to get there and come back safely in one piece!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an adventure. But it means you won't be posting :-(

Caroline said...

It will be fine...the universe always gets us where we need to go. Your soul will soar at the farm. There is nothing better than going some place simple and away from all the city noise. I can't wait to hear all about this incredible trip. Although, you may need to sneak out once or twice to keep us posted...

Dina said...

It sounds fun and exciting.

And also VERY scary!!!!

I hope you do have Internet Access. I want to hear all about it!!!!

Shannanigans said...

Wow! You sure are brave! Travelling anywhere by yourself is a huge step and always an adventure. But it sounds like not only are you stepping completely out of your comfort zone, you are decimating it!

I will miss your emails (or lack of...I kid, I kid!) and your posts as well though! :(

mscherrylane said...

hmmm lots of things to organise and prepare...that's what happens when you go to some remote yourself with the only reliable means of transportation your two legs! the complete desolation and isolation is the scariest part- if you ever intend to do something like this just make sure you've not seen WOLF CREEK(!!) alternatively, don't be so impulsive before you've fully researched the situation...but then again, what's the fun and excitement in that?!!

Anonymous said...

Don't even think about Wolf Creek - you be careful. Wrapping you in a big warm fuzzy ball of love and light x