Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I liked this Dream :)

Well the rest of the dream was pretty crazy like weird obstacle courses where my daredevil mate was riding a horse drawn wagon trying to jump the entire horse and buggy over other horses ahead of him...and I don't remember much else but the end was like the end credits of a film...with a title reading

"The Best Things in Life are The Simplest Ones!"

LOL, so it got me thinking what are some of the simplest things unique to me that make me Ooze Joy... this is a working list cos my brain doesn't kick into full force until well after 5pm ;)

* Happy Guinea Pigs (when guinea pigs are OVERJOYED they run around excitedly and "hop" like little kernels of popping corn emitting little "yelps" of is one of the Cutest things you can ever witness EVER.

* Being able to satiate a Food Craving and not be disappointed currently this is Green&Blacks Italian style chocolate, organic dried apricots, MSG free wonton noodles and northern style pan fried pork dumplings with vinegar...

* Foreign Correspondence and resulting culture class with people all around the world :-D

* Escaping into Nature
whether it be a salt breeze with big mouthed pelicans or misty dew green mountains or big, clear blue sky, yellow grasses and vast expanses of empty tarmac ahead.

* Inspiration from people, music, film, philosophers, art


Anonymous said...

Hi there me old mate! You've now been tagged AND nominated! (See my blog)

koala brains said...

Mmmm, chocolate. I had the best 72% by endangered species chocolate. Smooth. I also had the one with goji and maca. I'll have to try G&B, seen it at the store, just haven't tried it.

mscherrylane said...

Will keep a sharp eye out for that brand...I'm more comfortable when it sits about 45% though- I think 72% is getting a bit dark and bitter for me...I'm a "sweet" girl hehe ;)