Friday, November 7, 2008

Mind Reader!

I was crumpled up in a heap-impromptu style- on my yoga mat- from sheer exhaustion (day in day out night in night out intensive study, prolonged stress and lack of rest over a long period of time is remarkably and amazingly disproportionately Qi sapping!)

So I lay like this in my lazy cocoon for approximately 30 minutes until I got interrupted by a random message from a pretty random person - just two words:


hehe I couldn't help but grin (and wonder)...Some people are bloody Mind Readers!

I like intuitive water types :) Too bad I barely know any.

For the record, 5 more days til Liberation...

But ONLY 2.5 more days till I pick up my spanking new DSLR(Canon 450D/Rebel XSI!!!) :-)

p.s I've decided to call this camera "Horace" (don't ask me why it just randomly came to me) so soon there will be 3 to my camera family :) affectionately known as Buddy, Neo and Horace respectively :-)

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