Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tube Tales

okay, so I'm running out of thunder. As other interests consume me and I'm in the home stretch of only a few more days of Sydney to tolerate, I'm actually losing some of my trademark ramble power. And I've been racking my brains trying to think of interesting things to write as part of what I owe HS, Shannon and KB!


Not about Me per se (cos that ain't interesting!) but something quite curious and positively disgusting I did witness for real in real life a couple years back...

I was travelling on a train I can't remember what time it was but it was reasonably empty. There was a mid 40s man in a business suit. After finishing a mobile call he hung up and then proceeded to...

Dig his ear wax out with the antenna(!!) and not stopping at that(!) proceeded to eat that which he had dug off the antenna like a lollipop!....ewwwwwww.

I'm not kidding. That's exactly what happened...I always knew Neanderthals frequented this city!

This has got to be probably THE weirdest thing I've seen a random stranger do ever. In fact it was so weird I submitted it to a film based on people's real life stories on the train: "Tube Tales" but I'm not sure if they used it or not cos I never got to see it! I've entertained you with my story, feed me...What's the weirdest thing you've ever witnessed a random stranger do?


ChiliLady said...

hey, thank you for your warm "welcome" :-) Its nice to see people who actually care ...

Shannanigans said...

OH MY GOD! I was eating a freakin bagel with cream cheese and now I may vomit.

One time I was sitting on my couch and I happened to look out the window. This old man was walking by my house and stopped to put his grocery bags down. I thought, Oh that poor man is tired from carrying his groceries. Then he proceeds to look left and right, whip out his thing, and peed all over my retaining wall!
I was totally grossed out and told Steve to go yell at him but Steve just said "When you gotta go you gotta go!"

P.S.Feist is Canadian!

koala brains said...

Oh geeze - that is disgusting! I can't think of anything.

mscherrylane said... were one of the first random strangers to comment on my first public blog so I remember you!

Shannon...haha yeah I knew you would love it...see you can't say i don't LUV YA!! haha.

yeah i knew Feist was Canadian- I wasn't kidding when I said I realise a lot of people I like are Canadian- I think I have more favourite Canadians than any other nationality in the world...when are you guys gonna adopt me as an honorary citizen?!!!

BTW that retaining wall business was freaking disgusting...I don't care how much you need to go you do not stink out someone else's property- he could just as easily have done it on a council tree! Who needs Steve- I would have yelled at him!!!

Shannanigans said...

council tree? Is that like public property?

I think you would make a good Canadian. How do you feel about flannel and subzero temperatures?

mscherrylane said...

Flannel doesn't phase me but I hate stockings!!

Subzero temperatures...hmmm does it get THAT cold in all parts of Canada?

Well we're having snow here and it's one week before summer so I guess the weather is screwed everywhere! Sheesh I may almost catch a white christmas- I've been told where I'm going is FREEZING!

Shannanigans said...

Well most of Canada is subzero but BC isn't too bad. They don't get much snow but they do get a lot of rain