Sunday, November 16, 2008

More prolific on Cloudy Days: Miscellaneous Ramblings

I'm not sure what it is with overcast weather but I always feel like writing alot in this kind of weather - I guess it's like how some people get very productive creatively when they listen to certain types of music...

I was hoping to watch The City of Lost Children or John Safran vs God cos I've had them sitting around the last 6 months and I really should return them to my friend but I guess for me to sit down continously watching something is always a challenge to stay still cos watching a screen is such a passive exercise. At least with writing, my hyperactive brain gets a chance to run off the leash!

In any case I'm listening to Birthday (can't ever get sick of this song!!)...before I was slightly more interesting listening to Cut Copy's IN GHOST COLOURS which is a pretty enjoyable electropop album...don't have much of this kind of music in my collection but I can understand why I like is very similar to New Order I think- just a more modern version. I don't know if this is a totally off presumption cos I'm not quite the fan but I suspect it is a little like Daft Punk too.

Random snippets as follows...

Random Musing 1 : Canon Marketing
I was looking through all the contents (as you do) when you have a new electronic purchase. And I saw two advertising booklets Canon had in the box- one was to promote why you need one of their IS (Image Stabilizer) lenses and the other one was on promoting why their Macro lenses are so good(apparently it is due to their USM (Ultra Sonic Motor) and hence super quiet lenses. They had this cutesy cartoon picture of a grasshopper in a flower showing that if you don't have a USM lens when you click the grasshopper will get disturbed and hop away wrecking your photo, however with a USM lens it will go on sleeping quietly enabling you to get your perfect macro shot...Cute.

I couldn't help but think I'm just like the grasshopper: whenever I get put on the spot and taken offguard like that I freak out and the adrenalin kicks in so that I run run run even before my brain verified that there was any real threat of danger in the first place...I think I've missed out on some unique opportunities by being such a hypersensitive scaredy anti-confrontational cat...I wish I wasn't so wired! But I don't think it's pathology of psychology so much...I think it's to do with a leaning towards hyperthyroidism...hence also why I can eat bucketloads of fatty junkfood and crap and not put on a scrap of flesh...luckily though I know when to stop cos the nauseous and ill feeling kicks in.

Random Musing 2: Trust your 'Irrational' instincts
I was reading how with the current astrological influence...we are going through a renaissance of the time that gave birth to the whole Hippie Revolution...and how anything that represents stability will be negatively effected eg financial institutions, home ownership etc...

This took me back to the time I ended up part-purchasing a place that I didn't feel was "right" from the start however by all practical means- location, value, investment wise etc it was pretty good.

In any case for the 2 years or so I lived there I got soooo sick and had a pretty bad run of luck. Being immobilised for so long after an accident with nothing but spare time on my hands got me considering everything under the sun and I looked into the Feng Shui of the place... which only served to confirm my finally reached a point I got so sick we moved to a lovely good vibes little villa in a gorgeous town...and after that my improvement and healing was speedy. Based on the luck that befell the several tenants who have lived there since I can say it was not just me!

So from that, I guess the moral of the story is Don't ever ignore those "irrational" gut instincts! If your body has some reaction loud and clear to something, chances are it knows better than any 'Mind Rationalisation' any day!!!

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