Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cheers to Diversity: The World Is My Oyster :-)!


Because I don't do long haul flights, I think I'd go insane without all the international friends and penpals it's enabled me to make :-D

Today was Not quite pleasant but not wholely unpleasant either.

It started with the usual-cramming- freaking hell-who the hell has to do exams on Saturdays?!
Me Obviously. When I say my career choice wholely consumes my life at the present moment I'm so not exaggerating- I have lost entire weekends to seminars let alone all semblance of a normal twenty something life!

So anyway after that debacle(I think I did okay despite everything) I crashed out for a bit and then hauled ass to an old friend's farewell drinks...yup, everybody disappears on me...I've learnt to stop caring though ;)

In any case, for this happy home hermit getting out was...intriguing. Cos basically it doubled up as a 10 year high school reunion -and it was pretty bizarre. Basically I felt like I must have grown up in some hick country town cos pretty well these people had the same predictable linear lives with the same limited social circle from school and were all at the same stage-in the same careers following uni, engaged or married to either the same boy from school or else all incestuously interlinked to each other cos of the very limited social circle.

I came out thinking to myself "MAN. You've come a looooong way Baby!" And despite all the adventure, bumps and bruises was grateful for my breadth of life experience. I felt SO OLD. These chicks from school in many ways still struck me as teenybopsters and some even still dressed the part...

I have to say this city especially its nightlife is so vacuous, tacky and devoid of class...people dress so tacky and the chicks are totally overlathered in makeup. And the music in these joints is absolutely terrible. And so many smoke(cos they have nothing better to do) and speak in grunts. Uncouth. Uncultured.

Again, I am so grateful for my interaction with the broader world community...


Shannanigans said...

I'm cultured? Cool!

I hope I can be part of your collection of worldly, classy friends but Im pretty sure I'm the crazy Canadian that you never talk about to your friends and hide in your closet when family comes over. That's ok, I get that a lot


mscherrylane said...

au contraire, I have loved all of the few Canadians I have ever met...I think Canada should adopt me as an honorary citizen and let me live on Prince Edward Island LOL

Cheers to one cool chick and Happy Birthday to Steve :)