Friday, November 21, 2008

A Return to Civilisation...

I find it ironic that the last time I used that title was on my return to the city...Now my thoughts have flipped "civilisation" I'm referring to my old regional town...I finally went back for the first time in 10 months!

And wow, what a welcome it gave :-D On the way up, I couldn't help but feel sheer inspiration and awe at the beauty and majesty of the natural scenery, even though I'd seen it countless times before.

The weather was perfect, and as I sat contentedly on the waterfront breathing very-much-not-taken-for-granted-clean-air eating fish and chips, a Pelican flapped right down near me to visit close enough so I felt the water spray off its wings. Not only that but my favourite Husband and Wife Duck who used to accompany me on the trail home at dusk also dropped in to visit! I Love Ducks :)

When I was sitting there waiting to leave a Rainbow appeared!

Unfortunately, when I was leaving the city, it was horribly overcast and raining so at the last moment I removed Horace from my bag so sorry no pics :(

Although mentally I knew and remembered people up there to be Niiiiice, it was still quite a shock to actually experience the genuine warmth and friendliness of the locals! I felt a bit strange though to be confronted with such a different world and realised definitely after being in the city for awhile now I'd become more reserved, inhuman and standoffish again. I was taken by surprise when cars actually stopped for me at the zebra crossings, there was actually SPACE and nobody was puffing a ciggy in the vicinity let alone my face!

Being a bit of a hippie town, I managed to stock up on 10(!) more crystals which I haven't seen here in the city...the more interesting ones being Apatite,Coral and Peacock Ore(iridescent rainbow)...sorry too lazy to pic them!

The one I was most drawn to immediately out of the comprehensive collection was definitely the apatite-the colour was just so pretty!

I think if I'm going to be stuck in the city for another 2 years minimum I really need to go up more frequently to save my sanity- it's such a positive vibe and so reenergising and relaxing :-)


Dina said...

I'm glad you were able to go back. That's so cute about the ducks!

Shannanigans said...

Cool...sounds like a perfect day. Except the fish and chips part

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Shannanigans said...

Oh I re-nominated you for that award thingie because I have a very limited social circle