Thursday, November 27, 2008

Winging it.'s getting pretty close to my departure and I haven't even worked out where I'm going to stay...I have had a brief investigation and the nearest city is pretty heavily booked out! I guess it must coincide with...something.

The only availability over two consecutive days that I've been able to find so far is in pretty high end hotels...I was thinking...hmmm, maybe I should just "spoil" myself...but then I remembered I'm just a student and don't want to compromise other necessities over the trip duration like good food.

In the end though if I get there and there is nothing else...maybe it's going to end up being an unforeseen luxury weekend for me! LOL

In any case this "unknown" factor and last minute "improvising"...I have to's kind of...exciting ;)

So I'm just going to cross my fingers...and toes. That everything all works out well.

I guess I will say toodooloo and tata for a bit...Toodooloo! Tata! ;)


Caroline said...

Just go with the flow...

Have a great adventure!

Dina said...


You are brave!

Delighted Scribbler said...

One of the biggest chunks of my travel budget is always food--especially when traveling alone. It's such a great way to experience the culture and share amazing experiences with locals.