Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being English...

Q. And how is the weather?

A. cold. cold. cold. WET. WET. WET.

I hate this English weather. Day in Day Out.
...I'm utterly HANGING OUT to do my laundry!

On another note, I am feeling DAMN CIVILISED as of tonight LOL...for example, tonight I cooked dinner IN A KITCHEN, ate at a TABLE sitting ON A CHAIR, then had tea sitting at a LOUNGE with a COFFEE TABLE. Now I am typing AT A DESK and later I will SLEEP ON A BED! LOL, it was fun being a bohemian gypsie dero for...4 months but boy is it a relief to have FURNITURE, APPLIANCES and a bit of all round modern convenience...too bad the weather's been so crap but hey when I have so much luxury indoors it's not so bad after all...I'm looking forward to a TV's been 4 months since I had one! I need to catch up on what ol' Meredith's been up to!!! ;)


HappyOrganist said...

Meredith? Are you watching SOAPS!?


JJ Beazley said...

Our English weather has been too dry for ages. The forecasters keep apologising for the fact that we might have some showers tomorrow, and I'm thinking: PLEASE! My garden is turning into a dust bowl. And the rain still doesn't come.

Zz... said...

HO, i never said i was above soaps! LOL

JJ, with global warming as you can the world is seriously turned upside down and we have your horrible weather and you have ours! for a "drought stricken" nation I sure am not feeling it!!!!