Saturday, April 9, 2011

Independence and Laughing Inappropriately

Two separate matters but I'm going to conflate them into the one post just cos I am lazy and amidst so much cleaning and organizing I feel like some controlled chaos, lol

So the first thing is who said there can't be order in chaos?


I am feeling *proud* of myself for
1. being able to handle and dispose of bugs and creepy crawlies alone...well so far my limit is something about the diameter of 5cm (more so cockroaches than spiders) anycase, PROGRESS! Less yelping and squealing and jumping too! LOL...GIRRRRRLs *roll eyes*

2. That I managed to work out half of my seemingly complex technological issues and get things working so far...BY NO RELYING ON MEN!!! Wooohoooooo... for the LUDDITE! (how sad though that even luddites need technology to SURVIVE these days and we're so dependent on it in the modern world...)


This used to really bother me cos I thought it meant you lack compassion for other's suffering...WELL now I have joined the crowd! I was sitting on the bus-lol public transport in this city is ALWAYS an adventure (and usually an unpleasant one at that) anyway I was sitting on THE BUS. And the driver had left his CB? Radio on for all to hear but he had meanwhile gone for a there is a panicked page over the radio...a driver has just been attacked- after the operator at head office had ascertained there were no injuries to any on board he asked for the details of the "incident"...can't exactly remember how he described it but in brief it involved the details re an escapade of a drunken lout...the casual terms he used were just sooo hilarious combined with the panicked tone in his anyway the woman down the bus busted first- she just cracked up...and after that I thought "okay I can too" so I let loose and burst out laughing. In any was one of those YOU HAD TO BE THERE moments.

The other two crazy public transport moments that make the top3 and also perhaps illustrate what an uncouth lout country we live in... some guy actually climbed up a pole and on to the top of the bus...bus surfing...then must have climbed down like a monkey after when we reached another pole or transferred to the rooftop of a neighbouring bus! Hmm that must have been FUN if not DANGEROUS and inconsiderate to the surrounding traffic.

Bus adventure no3 would have to be the time some bus driver kept playing that really dramatic da da da dum and then perhaps funeral music...maybe Beethoven and Mozart's requiem? Whatever the case it was really MORBID, morose and sombre- it was just so...out of place that that was another time I was having to try very hard to hold in my laughter...I think I cracked a grin.

Ahh didn't you miss my trivial posts? ;) Yeah I know they're always the more interesting ones...

Anyway enough idle procrastination, this butterfly has to flit!

Have a good weekend :)

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HappyOrganist said...

wowee! that is interesting. I have no problem with inappropriate laughter (as you can imagine).

The most recent example was this last Sunday (Sunday! of all Days!). There we were.. Kim and her friend and myself, happily watching CHURCH on tv, like the good Mormon women we are. It was really neat.
In one of the talks the speaker said (I'm taking this out of context) "special children" (referring to our children). And I put the quotes (in my head) around 'special children' (that's not how he meant it) and, of course, burst out laughing.
Naturally, Kim and her friend didn't understand 'till I explained. Even then - I got some strange looks still.
But life is funny. Live it up!