Saturday, April 30, 2011

They just think I'm weird...I'm STILL (im)patiently waiting for them to GROW UP!

LOL, who am I talking about? My Generation of course. THE EXTENDED ADOLESCENTS, lol I just came across this term recently and I think it aptly describes my entire generation.

In any case I was telling another old soul type around my age about my make three friends within 5 years of me either side this year goal-project and he didn't even say "Good Luck!" He just very matter of factly stated: "You need a Miracle."

LOL!!! Initially, as the ever hopeful optimist I took this as negative defeatism, however now I start to think maybe he was just being completely, realistically honest(which is most welcome in this era of Neptune in Pisces affliction ;)

So anyway yep. Still a huge chasm I feel with people vaguely my own age but maybe it is my geography since Oz is such a baby and young soul hot pot and the nearest metropolis is the worst offender. Maybe this chasm with my generation will never go away...maybe those NICE, OLD men I seem to meet and get chatting with so often that feel so natural to me, well...maybe in a few years I might consider them LOL...right now though the thought of being a stepmother to humans remotely close in age to me is really quite horrifying...

As my mother recently conceded "you need an OLD man." (if any :-p, her idea is always that women do). She advises 10 years MAX. Around 20 is what seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of true mental compatibility&connection though...but until I grow a few more white hairs, wrinkles and get some extra KGs it still looks terribly SUS being seen alone with them! :p

At the end of the day though, to be quite frank, I really do like my life the way it is right now(although a career again would be really nice too)....

Maybe I will never relate to people my own age? And maybe that's the way it's meant to be. Which is why my life has never EVER been boring!! :)

I can already guess it now-just cos this is how hilarious my life has always been...ironic... I'm going to end up with the complete reverse...a toyboy 10-20 years younger. You saw it here first!!! LOL of course I was just imagining the most amusing outcome...Young things suit my many planets in Libra though *wink*


jamesobrien said...

It's interesting what you perceive to be an "acceptable" age difference in life. As a 19 year old, I had a 23 year old interested in me, and I thought that was too much of a gap. For me, now aged 45, I'm looking towards people as old as 60, and as young as 35. I think it's all about where you are in your life. What attracted me to men as a younger person no longer holds an appeal. That's not to say you're any more wise as an older person - that's often not the case - but it's just different phases I guess.

HappyOrganist said...

I was GOING to say it is maybe geography ;D in not so many words.

YES you finally used a word I could relate to (or understand. finally). That "extended adolescent" bit. I know what that one means. My high school friends fall into that category. BUT. my local (mexican) friends do not!
So maybe.. oh I don't know. move to Utah! ^^ ^^


can I laugh any more? maybe.
ok. good luck with that.
It really is maybe geography OR maybe hit up your local church group see what you find - yes I know what you're going to say - a bunch of old people there. ...
don't know what to do kiddo :)

JJ Beazley said...

You won't be coming over here and stalking me, then. Good.

Zz... said...

James, Hmmm I think for me I've always thought 10 years max to be an acceptable age difference but people around me thought & some still think this as disgusting.

I think it's not so much the actual age as a cultural appearance thing...cos we asians get mistaken for 10 years younger...I still get occasionally mistaken for being a school student!

So yeah the best way you can understand is imagine yourself with a 20 year old looking asian guy. Everybody would look at you as if you were a dirty old man/paaedophile and at the asian that they're an impoverished sex slave you imported from asia cos they need the financial support...

maybe YOU don't think that way but I can guarantee you that is the 80% first impression people get when they see a young looking asian girl with a white haired old man!

I know someone that did it but he was asian and looked young so it "looked" okay...however his son could have been mistaken as her brother- good thing they aren't seen together often!

JJ, you'll just have to find a local to stalk you that you can parade in the supermarket...sorry I'm not a fairy godmother! ;)

Zz... said...

HO, definitely there is an element of geography...and culture. The Aussies my generation that didn't leave already are typically extended adolescents! Don't find this problem so much with Euros or even Asians....

I don't think Utah is for me, sorry even if you have good chocolate in the supermarket! I guess you'll have to send one over. Or a few so I can choose...But only the good ones, I'm PICKY!!!! LOL

Zz... said...

actually when I was 18, I had two good friends in my first year of uni. 1 was 16 years older and the other was 18 years older. It's just the way it's always been- they said I am very mature for my age(I know that's hard to believe)!

when I was in 3rd or 4th grade the teacher took me aside to say that I had to make friends in my own class cos the 6th graders were leaving to high school and I'd have no friends left!

And a 74 year old recently told me "I'M NOT SURPRISED that you can't relate to people you're own age!" So it's just a visual mismatch- a grandma inside a young looking person-no wonder I confound and confuse wherever I go!