Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easily Amused, Yet again.

...CHUFFED!!! My little Zhen bits were cracking up and jumping up and down with *excitement* when I read about Black Sheep that could actually sing Ba Ba Black Sheep in Richard Branson's autobiography!

So anyway I tracked down the clip which apparently made it to No4 in the Top 20(if I recall correctly)...Hilarious!! (To Me, Anyway :)



HappyOrganist said...

okaaay... hm.

Zz... said...

hey my cheap thrill posts are WAAAAY more impressive than a lot of yours- i mean BLACK SHEEP THAT CAN SING BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP???!!!


HappyOrganist said...

hey - I love my cheap thrills.

And your baa baa black sheep was all manufactured ! =0


Zz... said...

no the original sheep could sing it, they just decided to edit in the chorus etc for the video clip which seriously made it to no4 on the top twenty! gotta love richard branson what an eccentric genius!!!