Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dehumanization of a Species

So as I'm coming to the tail end of that boy bible THE GAME I reflect on how times have particular noticeable on my recent jaunts through the country with my German friend. This kind of exchange took place at least once each of the times we were together.

Her: Oh my gosh!(or however the Germans express it) I can't believe how RUDE the men here are...don't they have any MANNERS??

Me: Nup. (I said matter of factly, as I HAD given her a heads up, along with some tired qualitative statement about how neither I nor any of my friends are attracted to Australian men, evident that none of us that I can recall has ever dated an Australian born Australian blooded local.)

Her: (some kind of aggravated complaint about how rude Australian men are)
Me: Yep, we're not in Germany, remember?

Lol, it's a sad state of affairs, but I have to say...I really do notice it compared to say 10 years ago. And in light of reading THE GAME I realize it's a cultural phenomenon of "game training" that has happened largely in that time infiltrating us from the states while I was blissfully ignorant of the spiralling degradation of our society by being a married homebody, which may explain why all my close single girlfriends left the country in our early twenties...and never returned.

Definitely there is a real Juvenile Pick Up Artist kind of mentality (let alone cheap hookup culture in our most famous city) about many of the local men here in my age vicinity (which perhaps explains why I exhibit a strange pattern of getting on so well with the fifty somethings and up men but have absolutely no ability to relate with anyone below around 40 bar those few friends I've had since time immemorial...)

Women are seen and treated as sex objects or even animals(yes I have been barked at before :p), there is no basic human respect or interest in meaningful connection, it is all about reaching that end point of being nice enough just to get a number and hopefully get down one's pants. That's seriously as shallow as it has become for many...

No wonder there are an increasing number of single independent women. It's a pretty sick culture and the more I am exposed to it the more even IIIII start to feel a touch misanderly(is that a word)...and I've always been a male lover given that they are that half of the species that I inherently get along with more easily and naturally with. However this abominal behavioru it's just gotten too rampant and deeply entrenched into the psyche...that once amusing seemingly innocuous puerile mentality of the locals is no longer charming but really quite disgraceful when it's permeated our culture so deeply that whole generations of men are now founded on it.

Given the fact that I am permanently based in this country now there is a real possibility of becoming an old spinster which I actually never considered an option before. Compared to what I have seen out here though, it's a preferable one!(Sadly). My b'day twin notes (to my amusement) WELL... at least you've had the diamond ring! (LOL who said we scorpio women couldn't be totally shallow...haha)

It is with some envy from me and to her relief my German girlfriend returns back to her born and bred DECENT German boyfriend and a country where there are still a high percentage of still civilised and courteous men that can connect with females above the bust line.


JJ Beazley said...

If only I could take you away from all this, dear ZZ...

I like you too much not to be disturbed by it.

HappyOrganist said...

That's Quite* a rant. I'm trying to think if I've ever been barked at. Oh my.. I don't think I'd pay attention if I was. And I don't know that I have been... but I don't feel less for it. can't say I'm envious.
poor soul.