Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tall, Dark, Handsome...


About two weeks ago I had a dream about a very good looking dark brown haired male. So I wasn't surprised when some turned up...Thing is I just don't know which one it is yet! Or whether it's one I haven't met yet! LOL

Patience is a Virtue, Z! LOL


Anonymous said...

Well, Jen has your wedding dress ready. You just need to hem it and die it pink... =)

Zz... said...

hey no need to jump to conclusions i didn't say WHO that person might be...I was just saying that a beautiful specimen to admire appeared in my dream not that there was any Significance there...for all I know it's going to be the electrician, plumber or tv antenna guy! LOL better remember not to gawk...especially if his wife is sitting in the truck, LOL