Thursday, April 21, 2011


LOL that one line had me grinning all evening and probably will do for the entire week if not month for that matter! :D

In that one line, that girl who had the GUTS to say what I've been feeling the entire month, lol, totally won my respect and admiration. Of course though I just couldn't yell that in public-just not my style- in my imagination though that one line wouldn't be half as satisfying as what I would REALLY like to do...which is to DAK these losers in public-LOL, who said I wasn't an Aussie! ;)

So anyway to backtrack a bit- I was at the train station when this bleach blonde hair almost down to ass chick in hot pink 3 inch stilettos and ginormous boobs falling out of her top walked past with two friends...right in front of me they passed two local lout boys walking in the opposite direction who obviously gave them some lewd comment...the hot pink chick's friend turned around and said that magic line of which this post gets it's beaut title :)

Like Oprah(?) would say..."You Go Girl!" I thought...hehehehe

After she said that you heard a low oooouch emitted by the lout boys probably thinking "Bitch slap!" Well they deserved it :p There you have it: To the vast majority of the Australian male population between the ages of 25-40, local women across the entire spectrum...from the cultured intellectuals who don't want your attention to the boob popping ones that do: the Message is LOUD AND CLEAR...Go Get some Basic Manners!

So that was very satisfying moment no1, courtesy of a stranger. Second great moment courtesy of a stranger was a little boy I overheard complaining in accordance with the season..."That CHOCOLATE is Giving me a HOT Belly!"...just the way he said it...was sooo funny and pretty cute I admit, LOL.

Had some pretty satisfying and interesting conversations with random peeps today actually...I'm actually not bad at having conversations with randoms I realised ^^, actually quite enjoy these one off chats :)

One chick I randomly started chatting with on the train was really cool and the twist we found out right when we parted was that her family friend was actually my very next door neighbour which was pretty coincidental! Also had great chats with two more old men, eg: above 50. From all the random old men I manage to have encountered in real life the past few months I conclude Pisceans are the Scorpio Girl's Natural-est Soulmate :D however I never ever meet them in my normal social circle...actually I rarely ever meet the TRULY interesting people in my normal social circle, lol....wonder why is that!

The other fun part of my day was visiting an ALDI for just about the first time. Inspired by my German girlfriend who thought it was absolutely scandalous I was not well acquainted with German chocolate, I went on a mission and carefully inspected just about every single German chocolate they had there and bought one product from each different label to try...HAPPY sickeningly sweet Easter to ME! *LOL

Okay that's about all folks, have a great holiday break and don't forget the True significance of the season(And if you have no idea go watch The Passion of The Christ-trust me you CAN'T forget after that(!!!)

God Bless :)


JJ Beazley said...

I still think the best response to such boys is to laugh at them and use the line 'If I wanted to have sex with a baboon I'd go to the zoo and find a good looking one.'

Zz... said...

OOh...nice one! *OUCH!!! that line takes guts though I'll tell people that might need to use it though cos it's too good hehe, lol for me I can largely avoid such provocation by keeping under the radar...jeans and hoodies and no boobs and no grooming are kinda helpful that way ;)

JJ Beazley said...

You wouldn't have slipped under my radar, Zhen. I always registered more subtle things than boobs. I would have been infinitely more polite, though.

Zz... said...

well that would courtesy of your scorpio bits ...also saggi men they just like anything that registers as FEMALE *LOL

Zz... said...

also, i would have actively engaged you in need old men for mental stimulation or daily life would be so

JJ Beazley said...

You wouldn’t be flirting with me in that bizarre way of yours, would you Zhen? No, suppose not. As you delight in pointing out, I’m rather too old for you in this life. Good for conversation only, wasn’t it? Damn. There was me having a rare moment of excitement. Tell you what, though. I’m already spoken for in my next life, but I could pencil you in for the one after that if you like.

Zz... said...

LOL the offer is flattering but I think I'm already spoken for eternally :) Best wishes to the lucky next! ;)