Monday, April 4, 2011

Missing my Euros

Okay this might come across blatantly racist, but I'm really missing Euro company. Bar the white and silver haired ones, Aussies my own age are just the most DULL conversationalists and maybe it's a cultural thing cos even if they aren't DUMB they talk it! I guess it's a learned cultural behaviour cos this makes people like you more here...if you're dumb or at least act it. More so with men, lol.

Outside of academia, it's really hard to find a decent stimulating and satisfying conversation with people anwhere in my age vicinity in Australia...I think we grew up on too much dumb American TV or something so have learnt to communicate in shallow, equally dumb abbreviations rather than actually be able to form comversant and substantial paragraphs of thought.

This is my only gripe withOz. But hey I'm not here for the people, I'm here for the nature! :D

And THANK GOD for the internet- or I'd shrivel up from the diet full of dumb conversations I'm subjected to with the locals...


Anonymous said...

I'm going to be back in Sydney before the end of the year. I'm from Perth, but have been in London for the past 3 1/2 years...does that count as a "Euro person"?


Evil Shannanigans said...

Nature is one of the reasons I love Canada so much. The people I can take or leave.

Zz... said...

DAVE!!!! WOW LOOOOOONG TIME! lucky i remember people's details inside out or how the hell would i know who "d" is??

so exciting you're coming back- this country NEEDS you...and YES you count as a you were cultured even BEFORE YOU LEFT oz...halleluhah this country could use more brains, taste and can;t just be ME holding up the fort *LOL* haha!!!!

Zz... said...

Shan...I think I prefer Canadians...the grass is always greener I guess but still I think I resonate & relate better and am more like a canadian than an aussie. Maybe cos Canada is not SO far from europe :)