Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Love Boat

It seems like everyday lately I get little "presents" :D

Today for example, I discovered a SIX LEAF CLOVER, Butterflies, Flowers and exciting things growing in the compost heap.

I also got...a TAPE MEASURE LOL!!! Yes HO your package finally arrived- ONE WHOLE MONTH geez, not sure whether it's the mail workers on your side or mine but somebody is definitely slacking off!!!

In any case if you have been visiting this blog for some time you might know about the evolving "love" story ;) between me and HO...

So anyway she sends me this package with a bracelet, a TAPE MEASURE cos she wants my wrist measurements and some LOLLIES. So anyway there were three innocent looking Lifesaver Mints...fairly innocuous I surmised...I opened the package to pop one in my mouth.....ewwwwwwwwwww! Worse than medicine- it's not a mint it's some chemical concoction that tastes like a really medicinal version of sarsparilla- VERY FUNNY HO...was so gross I ended up having to spit it out immediately with the end result being a big glob of SPIT on my floor. VERY FUNNY HO!!! I have honestly never tasted anything so disgusting- Shan this thing was like 100x worse than the Chinese herbal surprises I sent you ages ago.

But ANYWAY, all is not lost...cos Z gets the final bat this episode...HO with the slim wrist pride.......

You're fatter than me!!! Your WRIST fits my ANKLE.

Small Asian Girls...Love it :) Til next time my love! ;)


HappyOrganist said...

hahahhahaha. wow - that is funny. it is Extra funny b/c I made a comment about the wrist/ankle thing in the second package I just mailed. Actually said "if this fits on your ankle, you have problems."


oh - my life IS full. ;D
you don't like the life savers? did you like the cough drops? I would think you'd spit out the cough drops. that's hilarious! ^^

Zz... said...

HO, your craziness OBVIOUSLY TOTALLED your TASTEBUDS! ewww haha still working up the courage for my tongue to inspect the cough drops- I have a feeling they will be much better, but then again I'm an optimist, LOL

Evil Shannanigans said...

ha that's funny! Reminds me of a candy someone gave me at work a few years ago. It was from Holland I think and it was pure salt! I spat it out on the gaming floor at work in front of a bunch of customers.
And they were lifesavers? I didn't think those tasted like medicine...

HappyOrganist said...

it's the spearmint flavor, Shannon (the Best!)

I guess you'll wait 'till you get a sore throat - but you should try the cough drops, Zhen ;D

you might actually like them

Zz... said...

Shan I still have three of those DESPICABLE "mints" left...can i post them to you- I just want to see if they taste worse than medication to you (and nothing like mints at least on first lick0, or maybe it's something wrong with my southern hemisphere tastebuds, lol

need your addy again...