Saturday, April 23, 2011


I think the older I get the more wacky I come across to normal society. Perhaps cos I am more self-assured and confident as an adult so reserve less of it, or maybe I take joy in subversion of norms and entertainmment from causing shock *evil grin*

The weirdest part though is that perhaps I am taking my parents to the dark side with me...strangely after thinking for the most part of my life that I am utterly insane, they're actually starting to believe in alot of the unusual stuff I maintain...probably cos there is only so much as ongoing coincidence, but also cos alot of the weirder things I maintain...some "new discovery" comes along to add weight to some of the things I've observed and maintained all along. In any case it's always nice to have parental validation :D

P.S yet another of my friends makes for The Big Apple - Best of luck matey and keep in touch, so excited for you Zx :)!

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