Saturday, April 23, 2011

HAPPY EASTER! With...Orgasmic Chocolate...

OMG HO this stuff is soooo goood...thank you :DDD!!! I had to take pictures: (too bad they're all overexposed cos I forgot to adjust the setting).

Chocomail by Chocolove courtesy of HO...

Freeze Dried Raspberries in Belgian 55% cocoa dark chocolate...Read it and WEEP! (if you don't have any now)

I think the Americans had to radiate the chocolate as part of their counterterrorism measures...either that or BOY is it HOT in Utah!!! ;)

The Perfect Chocolate Bar into a Girl's Heart...Complete with (Cheesey) Love Poem, LOL!!

Oh I was going to stick these on your envelope HO but in between where I was and your envelope I passed my worn nature themed lime green water that is where they ended up ;)


HappyOrganist said...

I chose that poem myself..

hey! that's horrible! (ahem, the title of your post). I can't believe you'd say that.
but it IS very good.

It is not that hot in Utah (in fact, we had snow today). So it must have been the counter-terrorism... land sakes. You'd think people would relax..
Nice pictures. And awesome lamp ^^

Zz... said...

haha toyboy loved the poem lol.

not my fault for the title of the post HO - you sent me VALENTINE'S chocolate- lesson of the story: you need to match appropriate chocolate to the appropriate season!!! hehehehe

I love it, why isn't everyday Valentine's Easter...I think I need to import this stuff in by the truckload...courtesy of eating your chocolate at 1am I only managed to force myself into bed at...FOUR A.M!

p.s it's not a lamp, it's my water bottle...p.p.s the new bracelet is still a bit loose but much better workmanship...good job ;)

HappyOrganist said...

It's Not a valentine's chocolate. It's just a normal chocolate that they have at the grocery store (it's the best kind, dear. I should know - I shop around ^^)
sorry about the lamp bit. That water bottle would make a GREAT lamp ^^


p.s. I have the stomach flu this Easter ;) ick.

Zz... said...

my sis saw the love poem wrapper and wanted some of that although I had already offered her some of that aldi chocolate...I had to apologise..."
sorry it's ALL gone!" LOL!!! but then I told her about the counterterrorism irradiation and she couldn't believe I would eat that let alone chocolate that had been in the MAIL! hahahaha feel free to mail it anytime, lol i will mail you our closest version except it's been off the shelves for ages I think they ran out of rasberries...