Friday, June 18, 2010

Ooh I guess I should be excited?

"Invariably, Ms Cheery, a sudden disappointment, a bit of "bad" news, or a flock of butterflies gathering in your stomach, are all omens that a fabulous adventure is fast approaching."

Hehe today's message. Sorry been AWOL but been seriously sick and have to rest. I've accepted with some peace that I have kiss things I had been looking forward to like the three continent globetrot-"ciao". It's funny how life unravels...suddenly all my intricate and ambitious plans etc are on hold indefinitely/not possible but on the upside I guess like the message says, this opens up to new and unexpected surprises which don't always have to be bad I guess.

It looks like there are a few lifestyle changes in store...I am still a little surprised...for one, I was totally unexpecting to still be in this city!

Anyway I firmly believe "everything happens for a reason"...perhaps it's all a Blessing in Disguise! Anyway appreciate your continued prayers. Love, Z

p.s i was scheduled to be with whales and swinging in hammocks this weekend but I guess not- i didn't know whether I'm supposed to call the airline or just not turn up for my flight? eh, suck.


Franko Gnedo said...

Hey Zhen great to see your back but sorry to hear about your sickness I hope your improving well? Thats a great message you recieved and so true. We often need to remind ourselves that it all will turn out great, just some short term obsticals to climb over to reach the next great place in our lives. It will be a blessing in disguise don't worry about that.

The whales and hammocks will happen another beautiful day.

HappyOrganist said...

I'm sorry you didn't escape. That's terrible (and I thought you were gone already when you weren't around for a few days. very bummed to hear you're grounded ;/)

But the soccer part is cool. Any team you're rooting for?

zhen said...

I haven't sussed the teams out enough yet but so far I have a crush on Algeria (okay I guess I'm partial to the green uniforms).

If Germany hadn't crushed Oz I would back them but we'll have to wait and see for which team I like as they always have a different makeup- maybe I will go for Japan?