Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mad about Football!

One upside of being sick is you have the liberty to watch a lot of TV and just my's WORLD CUP TIME!!!! ^^ ^^ ^^

Truly in life one of my favourite events of all time is The World Cup. I could seriously just watch football matches for all my waking hours- it is truly addictive. Actually four years ago I also got grounded in a big way- falling down a manhole after waking up at 4am to watch that legendary Australia V Italy match.

In any case just one rant: This year's world cup football is truly the UGLIEST damn thing I ever saw. I don't understand why for such a truly huge global event they could let such an ugly designed ball through!!! Oops I guess that is my superficial libra bits talking ;)

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Evil Shannanigans said...

not a huge fan...but we are a hockey people up here
i am cheering for argentina by default or my sister in law will kill me