Tuesday, May 3, 2011


God, Me, Rocks, Germans, INTJs, Virgos, Family...

Just a few of my favourite things :)


MyAlterEgo said...

you put you on the list. HAHAHAHAH

i can't relate to that.

Hey - great metaphor in the other post. Zhen's metaphors. And no wonder they include Alps =D

MyAlterEgo said...

*dang it - I hate it when that happens. ;0

Zz... said...

you know why i'm laughing...cos of the irony...of course i put ME on the list, lol i guess it's a competition btw me and my *greatest fan* hahahahaha!

between the two can a girl help being narcissistic!!!!*LOL*

Franko Gnedo said...

Of course you would put you. I would put me!

Strange this idea of "loving yourself". At the school I went to that would have been a crime punishable by repeated bashings until that view was changed.