Monday, May 30, 2011

Country Ain't Cool!!

Okay I'm more of a city slicker than I realised. hair got butchered. Very not cool. My sister always maintained that only asians know how to cut asian hair...I never thought it made a difference...until today! arghhhh. After several months in the country...ever more and more the messy deadbeat...I NEEDED to get a hair cut(HATE long hair, except I'm keeping it overlong while the weather stays so freezing).

LOL I think it's hilarious that I even care...but seriously, it's pretty shocking. I guess I'll wait 6-8 weeks and then brave the city to go get it fixed. Lesson learnt: need an asian to cut my hair! I wonder how I will ever live rural rural where asian hairdressers don't exist at this rate?

Apart from that I am still getting over having to buy generic clothes at generic places where they don't even carry my size. So maybe I'm a bit of a city girl after all...well at least I prefer one quality sort of designer piece to many cheap generic pieces that everyone else has!

How embarrassing...I never knew I had any higher maintenance city girl in me...until my hair got butchered...oh well that's what ponytails are good for- hiding really bad hair!!! LOL

ick...Vanity. I guess 30 is the magic age for it to hit if it's going to hit at all! >.<

laugh HO, that's what I'm here for ;)


HappyOrganist said...

oh I am busting up over here - you can be sure of it. Fickle chickadee =P

Zz... said...

give my libra bits a break! LOL

(i'm learning to love and accept that aesthetics please me, shallow or not ;)