Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thanks God :)

So I put out the distress call in the Please Santa Post just under 2 days ago...

And it's always amazing how God delivers :D

In that short time period it's pretty impressive what he managed to rustle up for me without seemingly a whole lot of effort on my part!...

2 New Actual Introvert^^ Connections E.g relate, share interests and have an understanding and dynamic beyond the "hi how are you, yeah I'm cold too" verbal diarrhoea.

A new Christian penpal I can relate to.

1 Very old friend- my best friend from year 9 who has been lost in an exotic country for the last 5 years just contacted me out of the blue!

A postcard from my German friend- actually apart from the exotic handwriting the part I got really excited about was P.P.S Probiotics seem to Work!!! (LOL once a health practitioner, always one...)

And of course my usual stable of loyal online friends from the wrong hemisphere :P

yup, although I rant and rave about my isolated predicament in the wrong country and culture, I have some pretty good company around, even if they are rather remote! ^^

Now maybe I should just put in some prayers about all those Swiss Alpine issues I referred to!

An aside, I just got a brand spanking new TV....OMG...LOOOove!!! don't blame me if I never want to leave the house again...right now though it's been hard to find enough time to sit through an entire show(!) Can't wait to test out those foreign subtitled films on the BIG more eye strain-woooo!

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