Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is it Sad to buy yourself Soft Toys?

LOL I saw this on the weekend and maybe cos my nickname is "Cat" I don't know I really liked it...and there is something kooky-quirky about this cat...maybe cos it is a doorstop and not really a soft toy per se...So anyway I managed to walk out the store without it but I'm thinking it would be right at home on my sofa...

1. It is sad to buy yourself soft toys?
2. Are you ever too old to justify buying yourself a soft toy?

LOL...I think I want...need it. For whatever reason, I really like Cats at the moment(ironically I am actually allergic to them!) Maybe it is the first stage of my b'day twin's foresight..."you're going to turn into a crazy cat lady!" heheheheh

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HappyOrganist said...

love the prediction